What is unusual about this?

What is unusual about this? Topic: Importance of homework quotes
June 19, 2019 / By Myles
Question: "i never saw a woman so altered; she looks quite twenty years younger." quote from Oscar Wilde's "the importance of being Ernest." AP english HW, please help.
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Kenny Kenny | 8 days ago
Homework questions that involve long explanations never get answers from yahoo answers, go to google and actually find an analysis of this quote.
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The reality is that when we look closer at nature, the things we think of being uniquely human are often not so unique. We use tools, but there are many other animals in nature that use tools. Many primates use 'tools' in the sense that they use sticks to pull ants and termites from inside of nests, or they use rocks to crack open nuts. Humans display advanced problem solving skills. Yet other animals display problem solving. One experiment tied food to a string suspended from a wire to see how crows would respond. Some of the subjects figured out to pull up the string to get to the food. Humans display emotions, but many other animals have been shown to display emotions. While it's difficult to say whether the emotions are comparable to humans, animals have been observed to display fear, happiness, sadness, empathy, and other emotions. When you talk about animals sensing natural disasters, this is likely to do with some animals having keener senses than humans. For example, many animals will react before an earthquake because they can hear high frequency sounds which are beyond human hearing. And animals may be more sensitive to things like atmospheric pressure changes than humans. The other thing you can't discount is that human senses may have been dulled by 10,000 years of civilization. With almost all animals, only the most fit survive to produce offspring. Those who are unable to hunt or find food, or avoid predators and other dangers, would usually not survive to reproductive years. This meant only the most fit individuals would pass on their genes to the next generation. Keep in mind that most fit doesn't always mean biggest, fastest, or strongest. When humans began to create permanent settlements, this began to change. Because we began to grow our own food, and raise our own livestock, it was no longer necessary to be the most fit to survive. Those who were weaker could still survive because they benefited from others doing the hunting, or raising the food. As a result, it became increasingly common for inferior genes to be passed along, and possibly resulted in human senses not being as finely tuned as they were in the past. To give you an example: if an eagle was born with less than excellent eye sight, it is unlikely it would survive beyond leaving the nest. Without sharp vision, it would be unable to hunt - or at least be less successful, and likely starve to death. But in a human settlement where food is raised, there would be no necessity to have perfect vision. This means genes for less than perfect vision would be passed on to the next generation. And if you get enough of this, it would mean the very best genes are going to be less prevalent within a population. It's also possible that more acute senses were sacrificed for more advance problem solving skills, or the ability to think abstractly. The point is that humans are not as different from other animals as you might think. When there are differences, they may be the result of evolution, of "being human".
Kenny Originally Answered: Did something unusual happen during the evolution of humans that made us so different?
The ability to communicate using highly complex language. This is a result of small physiological variations between humans and primates in the voice box. The rest is history. Literally.

Hollis Hollis
Maybe because this is normal in today's society. It seems kinda strange to hear someone say that they aren't used to seeing women altered, when all we see today are women that change everything about themselves. In today's society, you can barely tell what age people are because they have altered themselves so much.
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Elwin Elwin
It needs context to answer that. What was happening or what was said before it or who was it said to.
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