Highschool? being quiet at school? guys&girls. please help?

Highschool? being quiet at school? guys&girls. please help? Topic: Good homework jokes
July 19, 2019 / By Sandie
Question: SO I am obviously in the eighth grade and I'm a really good student and have a pretty good group of friends that i hang around with. I know a good amount of other people from different schools as well though. I am really quiet in the classroom and not alot of people know exactly WHO i am, like my personality i guess. It takes some time for me to open up to someone and since my school is so stereo typical and has so many cliques it's ridiculously hard to talk to diffrent people sometimes. Now my group of friends is somewhat in the middle, so Its not like i dress bad or anything. I'm just worried about high school. Do i have to be a little more social or "loud" and "outgoing" in the classroom. How do i talk to guys that are like that? I just don't want people to think of me as -that quiet girl - anymore. my friends know i'm really not that quiet but alot of people think so. I wanna get noticed by being loud, but how do i do it without being like some of those abnoxious girls in my class. I'm confident and all, just need some tips. Thanks so much. -Nicole ps: i would appreciate if you guys didn't post sarcastic or mean comments ;D
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Noella Noella | 3 days ago
WOW!!! that sounds exactly like me. im a guy in 11th grade and ive always been pretty quiet. what you have to do is start small. throw in some jokes that go along with your personality. start talking about stuff in class like homework or tests or something. just keep building on what you have and talk to people you want to be associated with. Good Luck!!! :)
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Lys Lys
If you want to be noticed, you can't worry about seeming obnoxious. The more well you're known, the more haters you are going to have. Its a fact of the female kingdom. But you need confidence. Everyone has opinions, and Im sure you are full of really great ones. Just talk to your neighbor and speak up and have fun. Im a freshman at one of the biggest schools in the nation and its totally fun, you just need to loosen up! Its high school! Go out with friends old and new, find hot older guy friends who can drive, and dress to impress. But if YOU think you are a quiet girl, then you will make yourself stay in that silent comfort zone. Believe that you can be fun and charismatic and confident, and you'll start to act like it. PUSH YOUR BOUNDARIES! And i hate to break it to you, but its a heads up for your own benefit. You and your ENTIRE group of 'close' friends (im guessing around 4-9 girls) won't last from this day to the day you graduate. You just won't. So think about this the next time you spill a secret to your girls : You may be looking at your future enemies.
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Keira Keira
Well I just graduated from high school last year and here's what I think: High school doesn't matter!! Even the people that you are great friends with probably won't be there for you in the future. It's the way things are. Being popular should be the least of your worries. I was a little on the quiet side, but still had some really good friends. Being popular isn't all that it's made out to be. A lot of rumors are started about popular kids and from my experience, they really aren't that fun to hang out with. People who actually get to know you, outside of school, and like you for YOU and not what you wear or how you act at school are the friends worth keeping.
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Indiana Indiana
my advice, as cliche as it may be, is be yourself. trying to be something you're not will last for a little while in high school but after a while you'll cave and mess up relationships with those around you or grow into someone you might not necessarily want to be. If you want to be more outgoing take it in little steps. try learning some really stupid jokes that are so corny they're funny and whip them out in class at appropriate times to people you don't always talk to. then find excuses to talk to different people in the halls by asking a question about a class or joking about something from a class. make gradual adjustments like that if you want to make a permanent outgoing personality. Ooh! cheering loud at football games in the student section may help as well. may be kinda embarrassing but getting others psyched is always a good way to seen :)
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Elayne Elayne
I totally understand because I've been there! I'm in highschool this year and I've become more of a social butterfly. It is way easier to be outgoing because you have more freedom and a bigger variety of personalities within each class. Some people say it's going to be awful before you go, but it really isn't I like it much better. Just be yourself and just pretend everyone is already your friend anyways. If you smile and re friendly no matter how loud you are, people won't generally think of you as obnoxious, and confidence is always attractive!
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