What stands for Obama?

What stands for Obama? Topic: Letter t homework
June 26, 2019 / By Sabina
Question: On my little sister's homework they ask her to use one word for each letter in Obama. I can't think of anything! PLEASE HELP!!!!!! lol
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Nessa Nessa | 1 day ago
This won't answer your question - but shouldn't your little sister be doing her own homework, rather than you asking the Yahoo Answers community?
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It's well written apart from minor sentence construction issues, but you are very good with description. Although each one of them had some sort of imperfection - this sentence made me pause and scrunch up my face lol not very subtle and might make u seem a bit vain even though I see what you were aiming for, dance made them all look beautiful, but still, perhaps re-phrase it... Other than that, good job :)
Nessa Originally Answered: Is this a college essay that stands out? Something deep, personal, amazing, etc?
It's crap. Now stop reposting this again and again in this section and in others. Grow up, you're in college - do your own fcking homework !

Lucille Lucille
Well, it depends the teacher's sense of humor and if the teacher is a conservative. So, assuming that neither is true, and that this teacher gets that tingle up his/her leg, stick with some that will get the kid an A and don't get her on the teacher's bad side by using any of these: O-Organizer B-Blagojevich A-ACORN M-Madrassa A-Ayers What is this, a President or some teen star? What a stupid assignment.
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Kaye Kaye
O-original B-arak A-articulate M-an A-merican age- appropriate words - but she should really do her own homework... I am wondering if it's your homework???
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He is indeed a racist, racial separatist, inexperienced Socialist. I think he would do or say anything to get guilty White liberals to vote for him, while secretly despising them. The reason he hasn't fully been exposed thus far is that so many of his followers (rightly) are sick of Bush. Unfortunately the just blindly follow Nobama's Hitler-esq charisma and blind promises of "hope" and "change" without truly researching what Obama really stands for. His woefully misinformed followers can play the race and racism card all they want, but the truth is that: 1. Obama does indeed have a racist for a Preacher. 2. He attended that racist church for 20 years 3. That racist married Obama and his wife and Baptized their kids 4. Obama's church just gave it's annual award to Black Muslim Leader Louis Farrakhan, one of the most offensive racists in the US (outside of Rev. Wright). Those aren't subjective opinions. They aren't rumors. They are facts. Anyone who doesn't acknowledge that is simply beyond help, and if his possible winning didn't affect me too, I would say they get what they deserve by supporting him. Unfortunately I am not willing to flush my country down the toilet. The time is now to take a stand against Obama and expose him for the fraud he is.

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