How to teach current events?

How to teach current events? Topic: How to write a play review high school
July 19, 2019 / By Zelophehad
Question: Hi, I'm a fifth grade Social Studies teacher and would like to incorporate current events into my classroom this year. Any ideas how to do this so that it doesn't take too much time away from the curriculum, but is a valuable experience (and age appropriate) for my students?
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Skuyler Skuyler | 8 days ago
The easiest way is using the newspaper. That day, read it and see if anything hits home. News the prior night. One thing you might do is bring in people in the community. Mayor, councilman/woman, the superindent. You just need to be concise. Know the limit. Know what you want to accomplish. Make them think. You have to choose the topic and let them run with it. I think WRITING on a subject gives you that double hit. Not enough writing in elementary and deep thinking. If you have a TV and can get like Cable news, I'd try it. take something right then and discuss it. It makes it harder on you in terms of not really having "prep time" and letting the bullets fly, but, you might be surprised at how they react. You could play like a JEOPARDY style game. Kinda like a CURRENT EVENTS week in review. We did that in High SChool. It was tight. It would be tough, but, very rewarding. YOu could even tell them ahead of time the categories and keep the categories the same. Easy for you, easy for them in terms of knowing what to look for
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Ora Ora
It is so important to keep kids abreast of what is going on outside the classroom. Of all the grades I taught, grade 5 was my favourite! Using current events facilitates getting kids to think outside the box, make value judgments, draw conclusions and discern between fact and fiction. If gives them an opportunity to discuss their opinions. Current events can be anything from “Would a woman make a good VP?” to “Is it true that people will be able to get complete face transplants thanks to medical advances?” These are in our news tabloids today. It could be a discussion whether or not the use of the Taser should be banned. Are movie rates doing what they are suppose to do? The subject matter is unlimited and do not just involve the headlines on the front page. Grade 5s love to learn about UFOs, medical advances, and issues that are controversial and allow them to express their own opinions. They are fascinated with the human body. The more relevant to their lives you make the topics the better. Smoking, pre-teen obesity, nutrition, the latest animated movies are just a few examples. Getting kids to see how their culture differs to those cultures in other parts of the world can be taught through current events. Mark Phelp’s accomplishments at the Bejing Olympics is a great current event. And is an excellent springboard (pun intended!) in helping kids to know what Mark’s life was like in school. There are the usual biggies like the upcoming U.S. election but remember that you will probably get a lot of kids parroting what mom and dad think, not what they think. Be careful that the current events you choose are not just the ones that interest only you. Ask, “Why do I want them to know this?” The answer has to be more than, “because it’s important.” Is it grade appropriate? Give them a few days to bring articles from home that they would like to discuss. This will give you some idea of what interests them. Don’t forget to reward them if their article is selected or for perhaps even bringing it. I would suggest students have a notebook for handouts, photocopies, or their own personal notations made during discussion. I don’t think current event topics are simply for entertainment nor should it be treated to fill in time. Have the students prepare for some sort of follow-up quiz so they know that during current events it is not just a time to sit and doze off. The quiz can be as simple as one question addressing who, what, when, where, how. Current events is not something that takes away from the curriculum. Educating our children is not just about stuffing them with content. Discussing current events compliments the curriculum and should be integrated weekly.
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Lee Lee
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