Should I buy a regular PSP or a PS Vita?

Should I buy a regular PSP or a PS Vita? Topic: Pro data research
June 19, 2019 / By Salome
Question: For my birthday i'm considering buying a PSP. I've had one a few years ago, so I know what it's like, but then I went to my local HMV and saw the PS Vita, played on it a bit and then I thought, why not buy a Vita? Then I researched more about the vita and saw you can't play umds on it, and you can't play original psp games,I think the whole touchscreen thing on the vita is pretty awesome and the fact you can go on the internet too, but all i'm interested in is playing classic games like tony hawk underground 2, wipEout, Medi-evil, ape escape, and other games like that, i'm just confused and torn between the two, which should I buy? If there was a way to get previously mentioned games on the vita, and then I'd go for it straightaway, as long as the way to get them isn't so complicated, so yeah, which should I consider buying? List Pros and Cons if you can please. c:
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Nikki Nikki | 6 days ago
Pros of PSP They all play the UMD games you request (If your talking about one of the thousand models and not the Go) UMD disks (So it will be compatible with your old PSP disks) The games for the PSP are a lot less expensive than they are for the Vita The game selection for the PSP are a lot larger than they are for the Vita (Probably because the Vita is a newer model, and game makers like Rockstar etc. are affraid the game wont make money) The PSP console is a lot less expensive Some PS1 games can be played on PSP (If brought from PSN Store) I dont know if you care or not but what i also like is that its rectangle Pocket sized Changeable batteries Hold swich Cons of the PSP The software is out of date The analog stick is not ACTUAL analog sticks In my opinion, the PSN store has no good Demo's for the PSP If the casing for the UMD breaks, you wont be able to play them The plastic covering of the UMD disk No official software like content manager to manage your PSP data No internal camera installed on the PSP (You have to buy an external one) None of the PSP models have a BIG difference between them No internal HDD In my opinion they could do better on the RAM Pros of the Vita Has content manager to manage software touchscreen Camera (Front and Back) (And i think the new accessories port may be for a better MP camera) Two actual analogs Good Speakers Cons of the Vita Fragile (Most owners including me have scratches on the back pad because we laid it down somewhere) Expensive games Cant play PS1 game like PSP did Console is expensive Not many good games for it No mute button Speakers are in a bad place (Where the analogs are) The analogs make it very hard to fit in jeans pockets Non changeable batteries The charging port is in middle (So if you need to charge while laying on bed it'll kinda be a bug) Not the best MP camera The start and select button are too small for my fingers that are not my pinky Finger print magnet More information on Vita It did bad in Japan but good in Europe
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Lynna Lynna
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Keeleigh Keeleigh
well i mean if your buying both than go for it, but my bro sold his regular psp for ps vista at first he was hesitant because their would be a lot of features he wouldn't use but when he bought it he totally changed his mind and was using everything you can't play umds on ps vista but i think you can download some videos
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