Is a 100 GB Hard drive good, or should I upgrade?

Is a 100 GB Hard drive good, or should I upgrade? Topic: Use case specification meaning
June 19, 2019 / By Sam
Question: I've updated my computer's memory recently and it really improved the speed. I like to download a ton of music and I was wondering if I should upgrade my hard drive. If you recommend it, what would upgrading my hard drive improve? Do I have enough already?
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Nikkole Nikkole | 7 days ago
It's difficult to define 100GB as good or bad. It highly depends on your needs. From a specification point of view - e.g. buying a new computer, 100GB is obviously not as good as 500GB, just as 500GB isnt as good as 1TB. Now, when you say you want to download a ton of music. It depends how you define "a ton". I have around 12,000 songs and that only takes around 50gb, approximately half of your 100GB hard drive. Downloading 12,000 songs in one go is going to take you a long time. So in the short term you're not going be filling that 100GB hard drive any time soon. Not meaning to sound patronising, but I judge from your lack of knowledge as to how large 100GB is, that you're not looking into getting lossless music (much much larger than a typical mp3 downloaded from limewire for example - which I presume you will be using). If this is the case, whether to replace the drive or not is entirely up to you. Now you mention that increasing the amount of memory your computer has improved the speed - unfortunately this isnt typically going to happen when you upgrade a hard drive. Hard drives typically come in two speeds, 5400rpm and 7200rpm (and less typically 10,000rpm). Unless your hard drive is a 5400rpm model, upgrading the hard drive isnt going to increase the speed of your computer, and even if you did upgrade from a 5400rpm to a 7200rpm drive, the increased speed will offer very little boost in performance to the typical user. So, if you're planning to download a load of high quality music, or video, I myself would probably upgrade. But remember that if you do upgrade, bigger is better, but you have to make sure the hard drive you upgrade too is compatable. There are two types, and judging by the size of your disc, yours is ATA based, newer hard drives are typically SATA (though ATA drives are still available, but somewhat less common), and thus are probably not compatable with your computer unless your motherboard supports SATA. You'll have to look in to this a bit further before you decide to upgrade. Hope this helps.
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Lynne Lynne
100 gb is small by today's standards. I always go with the largest I can afford. It would improve storage capacity. I've replaced disk drives on my computers and major speed improvements are not there. Remember, a disk drive is an electro-mechanical device. It takes considerably more time to position the head over the track than it does to read and process the data. Defragging the drive would offer some speed improvement only if your drive was seriously fragmented in the first place.
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Keeley Keeley
Average song is 4MB So 4GB = 1000 songs. So 40GB = 10,000 songs. If you download that much lol, then okay. 100GB is enough, I have 640, and I have about 200 left, but I'm a gamer lol.. So its a different situation. When it comes to music you don't need that much memory. Don't waste your money :D Hard drives don't improve the speed of your computer.. Well its complicated the better hard drive the faster it gets downloaded on your computer, but that's another story, you have enough. I don't know your computer specifications but I could recommend some stuff if you told me them.
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Ileen Ileen
Its put in on yet another hard disk drive... So if the a hundred and sixty GB force is the only force then you definitely will ought to deploy the working equipment on the a hundred and sixty... until eventually you employ the two drives, yet then you definitely will ought to place the one hundred gb as force a million and a hundred and sixty gb force because of the fact the secondary force, and it would artwork.
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Eglantine Eglantine
it just depends on what you use your computer for music and surfing and thats all no you dont need more harddrive space. dont know how long youve had it but for example youve had it 6 mos and used half the drive space then yes get another drive. Had it five years and only used half then no you'll buy a differant computer before you use the other half. have a great day!
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Chelsea Chelsea
I would upgrade your harddrive to about 360 gb. Upgrading it can improve read/write speed by a mile (make sure the cache is > 8mb)
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