I have about £1000, I want to invest in forex or the stock market, is there anyone who can give good advice?

I have about £1000, I want to invest in forex or the stock market, is there anyone who can give good advice? Topic: How to write a marketing strategy plan
June 16, 2019 / By Dixee
Question: Possibly someone who makes good money from this kind of thing, could you please explain how, would be great thanks
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Best Answers: I have about £1000, I want to invest in forex or the stock market, is there anyone who can give good advice?

Carlene Carlene | 6 days ago
I hope, you've done the home work - traded demo account for some time and developed a solid trading plan/strategy. Without these two components you'll be not investing, but rather gambling; and sure way you'll lose those £1000 in no time. If home work is done, then it is like choosing a bank you want to keep your capital in - do a research on brokers. If not, hold the money for now and instead: 1. Open an online demo account with any broker. 2. Trade demo money and develop a trading system, make sure it is profitable over a decent period of time 3. Write everything down and then consider giving it a first shot with real money. Some last advice: be prepared to the fact that you can lose all your money with your first real account. So, for the beginning I'd recommend split those £1000 into two equal parts and invest one part first. If you prove that you can manage and earn money, then you may add the second half to it. Good luck! Try it, but be smart!
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Carlene Originally Answered: I have a 1000 dollars invest what are some good penny stock/stocks to invest in?
Before you invest your money, I suggest that you look at the 5 aspects of a company first, that way you will have an idea. First the company >> How long had they been in business >> Are they legal >> Are they a New York Stocks Exchange Company (NYSE) ---This is relevant, because only real companies may do trades on the NYSE, (So you better watch out for those get rich scheme out there, if they are not trading in NYSE, then most probably they are a scam. >> Also if the company is growing, you will see them highlighted on Money Magazines, like Forbes, Business Week, Fortune, Success, Financial World and alike- This is a 3rd party validation, meaning they are recognized by others >>Their sales history for the last 15 years, why 15 years not 1 year? This shows how stable they are Second the NEED/Marketplace >>Does the company's product in need? If it's in need then people will want it, if the demand is high so is the income or revenue, which means their stocks will go up. >>Marketplace--Is the market saturated with the product or only few people have it? If only few people have it, that means there is a HUGE potential for making money out of it, because others would want it, remember the NEED. Third the Product >> You need to know if the product is GOOD Affordable for people to buy Unique Revolutionary The NEED for the product Some examples to think about is, what are the major problems in United States today, and then you go back and look at the product, if the company's product is the solution, if it's good and affordable- Then yes you will make money out of it. See stocks goes up and down depending on 2 basic principles Supply and Demand. If the supply is low and the demand is high= HUGE $$$ Fourth the Compensation >> How do you make money out of it, is it by just buying the stocks, or are you investing some money now to make more later? ----See the problem is, because of a lot of scammers out there, few good companies also are judged without being evaluated first, so what do I mean by that. What I mean is, nowadays when you have to put out money first so that you can make money, or if a company asks you for money first, they say it is most likely a scam. My 2 cents on this is, it is not always the case. Ok you go to school and study Medicine, Law or Engineering-- Why did you study? So you could get a job that pays good ( Urrrmm, did you have to pay them first? Most likely you would say, oh I have a grant, ok but still it is payed first right?) SO is that a scam? Ok you said you have 1000 dollars, you actually are making a risk, and putting money out of of your pocket- My question would be, how sure are you that you will not lose that money? But would you consider investing less money instead? If you are doing a business, do you get paid before you start your own business or do you get paid better after you have established your business, see, when you start your own business it will not take off right away, if others say you will get 1k in a day or a week right a way, well you better watch out, but like I said there are few good companies out there. >> I actually know one, but I will only show you if you are really motivated, enough. My questions would be Do you have extra time? Are you motivated enough to make money? Are your options open to make an extra income? Do you like to share your thoughts and experiences with people- like when you watched a good movie or ate a good food on a restaurant, do you tell them to people? About the company I am with We have a unique product It is a solution to some of the major problems that US has, why some? Well we don't have the cure for Cancer, Yes the company actually trades in NYSE and has been established more than 3 decades. I forgot the 5th is- TIMING so actually now is the best time to join the ride, as we are about to sky rocket, I wanted to offer it to you so 5-10 years from now you can go ahead and look back, and tell to your self that you are glad you grabbed the opportunity. You may or may not like it, but the opportunity is here in front of you, so what are you going to do about it? Does it include selling?My question would be, if you ate a good food, would you tell it to your friends or to someone else? You referred them to that restaurant you just ate at, and they go and eat over there, do you get paid for referring the restaurant to them? How about a music or a dvd or a movie that you liked, you actually tell i to people right, but you don't get compensated for that. But still you do it. What we have, people need, the good thing with this company I am with is, when you start you give more time to it and earn some money, but as you go and build your business, you will spend less time and make more money. (Draw a bow, and inside the box draw a line from one corner to the other, just one line, and then on top write TIME and at the bottom write Money) so that is a graphical view of what I am saying. Like I said, you may or may not like it, but you could get more for visiting my website, reading some information and watching some movies. Otherwise, the 5 areas that I gave you, you can use to evaluate a company, if you can make money with them or not. If you want more information about the company I am with, then send your request to jansoph[@]gmail.com or here on meanne0729[@]yahoo.com I hope that answers your questions.

Andreana Andreana
I'd stick to the stock market. Forex is pure speculation, the same as buying coffe futures, or something. Better odds than Monte Carlo, but less satisfying. Find a low cost onling broker. TD Ameritrade is a good place to start in the U.S., but I am not sure which broker might be good in the U.K. I pay $10 U.s. per trade. With the ammount you are looking to invest, I'd buy an exchange-traded fund (ETF). Do some research on Yahoo Finance. Buy one that tracks the FTSE or an international index denominated in British pounds.
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Weston Weston
Personally, I would look toward a specific strategy to invest your money. I am assuming you are young. Your first option should be to fund fully a retirement account. If you are not ready to open a retirement fund yet, then one of the best things you can do is open a DRIP Plan. They are seldom talked about because brokers make very little money when they suggest them. Yet, they have proven to be one of the best, if not the best, long-term strategy on Wall Street. The best part is you get solid annual returns from well-known, safe Blue Chip companies like: McDonalds, General Electric, Pfizer, Walmart, US Bancorp.......etc........ They are perfect for small investors, as well as big investors. They are safe and allow you to not care about whether the market is going up or down.
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Samson Samson
I don't dabble myself, but my ex does. His theory these days is that you have to stick with 'necessities' and be prepared to ride out the storm until things get better...in other words, don't count on making your fortune overnight. His 'necessities' include shares in pharmaceuticals, and food/nutrition sources. People won't necessarily buy homes in a down turn, clothing, cars, take out food, extras, etc...but they will keep up with their basic groceries and keep their families fed, and they will keep up with their blood pressure meds, heart meds, etc. Can't live without food or medication, so they are a guaranteed sale even in the worst economy. I don't know much about the forex. I know he's tinkered there too, but hasn't talked much about it. Good Luck!
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Nahor Nahor
if you ever want to invest in forex, don't ever jump without proper education. get professional help. check out this site. by opening an account with them- mini, gold, platinum or vip, they will provide you a personal Account Service Manager (ASM) to be your consultant, mentor and trading partner and with whom you can talk live via phone, email or chat. it is in this one-on-one mentoring that you will get to know forex in detail. utilize your ASM to learn as much as you could. all the best.
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Nahor Originally Answered: How do I invest in the stock market?
My best advice to you as a younger investor(I'm twenty) is to set up a TD Ameritrade account. It's a little bit pricier than other sites as far as per trade costs are concerned. However they give the best tools and access to live stock updates. You have plenty of money and you are young so you absolutely want to make sure that you are investing for long term stocks. Gain's in the short time are nice but always think about technology and healthcare industries with your long term portfolio. It will a little bit of a hassle to set up the TD account they make you fax a signed paper or two to their headquarters before you may fund and trade with your account. Good luck!

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