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June 20, 2019 / By Redmund
Question: Mom and Dad divorced just recently. Now, Mom is flirting with a new guy over phone who she have not even seen outside. What should I do ? Should I give a damn to this or just let it continue ?? How about you ? At my case, I can't even concentrate on my homeworks because of their divorce ! This is killing me because Divorce and remarry is such a shame in our society. I am currently living with my mom. Do you think I should live alone(I am 17). Have you ever been upset when your mom and dad get divorced ????????
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Maurice Maurice | 1 day ago
Sorry kid. Here's the best thing to do. First of all none of this of course is your fault. Its hard to watch your folks split up. But remember that they're entitled to be happy too. It doesn't matter that they're splitting up because they both still love you and don't ever question that. If your mom wants to start dating again, that's her personal business. The same with your dad. All you can do is be supportive, try and be cordial and if there are any issues, just talk about them. You're a year away from your 18th birthday anyway, so you might as well stick around and give your mom a chance, as well as your dad, to prove that they are still responsible and loving parents. Despite the divorce. In the meantime stay focused on finishing up school, doing the things you've been doing all along, and looking forward to your future. That's all you can do and that's what you're supposed to do. Sooner or later you're going to have your own life anyway. So just stay focused on what you need to do now to get along and continue on with YOUR life. Does this mean you can't count on your mom or dad? Absolutely not. If you need to spend time with your folks, then ask them to make time for you. They will. Just be good to your parents that's all. Trust me, unless there's brain damage they will always love you.
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Maurice Originally Answered: ADVICE, PLEASE! Can't tell if I have a chance with a guy. (Guys and girl advice, please)?
The biggest thing is what your gut tells you about him. Gut feelings are usually right, as long as you don't over think it. It is really hard to tell what people are thinking sometimes. He may be unsure about how you feel toward him and he may be getting the same mixed messages that you are. If you want to try to stand out as being more than friendly, do something a little more than friendly, that you don't do for anyone. Maybe cook him dinner one night when you are working on the script. Cook a pasta sauce at your place, and then bring it over to his and cook the pasta there. I have been been in a lot of mixed message situations. Sometimes the other person is just doing things by accident, but other times they are really into you. In one case, the person denied it, then later admitted that he actually was flirting with me. As I said before, trust what your gut tells you and go from there. Don't be afraid to do something special and deliberate for him. Put the idea in his head that you are into him. Don't play mind games (because that really pisses me off) but put the offer or idea out there. Good luck, and thank you for answering my question.

Jocelyn Jocelyn
You focus on gettting finished with school and go to college. Even if you get a grant or government loan. Get a part time job to help out to pay for books and such. Stay with your mom and don't waste money on your own place that will eat up your money financially. Living in your own place will cost you about $1000. mo with a room mate. So stay put. Don't worry about mom. I know divorce is bad but your experiencing something all of us have had in their lives. You need to understand that MOM has life too. She's an adult and she is going to want to date and it's something you will have live with. This is made bigger in your mind than you should have it. Your sounding very overly concerned about how divorce looks. Since divorce is so typical in today's society it's not as you call "a shameful" thing. Once you get older you will see that divorce does happen and no one marries a person expecting to divorce. But you can't live miserable with someone forever.
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Gregg Gregg
I think a lot depends on the circumstances of the divorce. Was there infidelity, abuse, or addictions involved, or was it they just couldn't get along? If it was the latter, I can understand why you're having a hard time with it. Your mom probably doesn't want to be alone and a divorce is a blow to her system as well as yours. She's probably enjoying having a guy pay attention to her. Living on your own is tough especially at 17. Stick it out until you're old enough and can support yourself. You never know, this flirting may amount to nothing. But regardless, if she and your dad don't get back together they are both likely to meet someone else.
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Dunky Dunky
Research suggests that divorce is much harder on older children than younger ones. Longer time investment, no doubt, but also b/c it shakes up teens' notion of women and men and the various roles each plays and, frankly, if divorce is somehow shameful in your society, your views need serious shaking up. You certainly have no legal authority to assert over mom, who is free to flirt and date and so on as she wishes. Somehow you've got to get right with that. Sounds like you need feminist counselling, a very useful therapy more men should consult more often, in my view. Seriously, why not call a local women's centre to explain your feelings and seek advice on how to reconcile them. Your parents' divorce had/has nothing to do with you so there's nothing you can do to change it. Your mission is to get comfortable with it and to do so will likely require a kind and gentle feminist's perspective.
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Brutus Brutus
Hi, zip zap. My mom and dad got divorced after I left for college- and with good reason. Try not to be too upset. Your mom deserves to be happy, right? I know that it's hard to go against society, but hold your head high. After all, people that judge your family based on that aren't worth being around.
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Brutus Originally Answered: What am i To Do, Advice Please?
Dont worry, my dad went through the same thing but under a different situation. The first thing you should do is find a job, work full time. Apply to every store you see, trust me if a 16 yr old can do it, so can u. . Work on getting your high school diploma. So what if you didnt pass. Try again! Keep trying, once you get you will be one step closer to success! My dad tried to get his GED...long story short he is making over 200,000 a year becuz of his hard work. Of course he failed, he still doesnt have his GED, etc. The point is he didnt give up. You might not notice but alot of ppl ur age r going thru the same thing. Dont stress too much, have fun;)

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