How is it possible to flood the earth?

How is it possible to flood the earth? Topic: A photosynthesis story
June 21, 2019 / By Shannen
Question: Besides there being SO, SO, SO many things that blatantly contradict rational thinking in the Noah's Ark Story -- How the hell could the entire earth be flooded? Flooded to the tip of the highest mountains -- wouldn't that throw the earth out of orbit, and completely destroy any land left, thus destroying photosynthesis, resulting in the world becoming a lifeless wasteland? Also, where did the water recede to?
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Orchid Orchid | 8 days ago
There simply is not and never has been anywhere near enough water on the Earth and as far as scientists can discover there has never been enough in our entire solar system!!
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Orchid Originally Answered: How is it possible to flood the earth?
There simply is not and never has been anywhere near enough water on the Earth and as far as scientists can discover there has never been enough in our entire solar system!!

Makayla Makayla
I sincerely wonder what contradictions you believe you've found in the account of the Great Flood. If you seriously want to understand how the Great Flood is possible and aren't just trolling, here are a couple of suggestions: Study the mid-Atlantic range, the Pacific trenches, their comparative locations on the planet, and how they relate to the breaking up of Pangea. Also, observe how the mountain ranges on the continents are parallel to this range. Consider, that the top layers of Mount Everest have water-deposited fossils. Likewise, the deepest trenches have shallow-water fossils. Take another look at the Grand Canyon. If the Colorado River formed the GC, there should be a massive river delta at the Gulf of California--there isn't. In other words, where's the dirt? Geologists haven't been able to solve a lot of other questions about the GC without admitting there was a Great Flood.
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Kiarra Kiarra
First of all that story someone could say alot of the old testament is filled with myths and symbolism. I personaly dont believe in 100% percent of the storeis in the oldtestament. Second of all someone could say anything is possible with god, if god can create a whole universe i wouldnt doubt that he could flood the earth. Third of all i learned this from the history channel and they said that throughout the history that the earth a couple times went through a ice age where the whole earth was frozen for few million years. Then they said the the ice melted and yes the whole earth was flooded. It wasnt utill the volcanoes brought back the contients.
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Jakki Jakki
definite. it might desire to be written in Isaiah, "the veil is forged upon each and all the countries." So it quite is that the standard lie is assumed via mankind, and the outcome is a lot from good. awareness for the duration of this age desires to be consistently responsive to what's being suggested incredibly much as good, and start to distinguish between the tares and the wheat ideal now, even inspite of the undeniable fact that data would propose that tares "are" wheat.
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Enya Enya
There simply is not enough water to cover the Earth. The other claim, that the Earth was flatter, is patently ridiculous. That would mean all the mountains, and basically 300 million years of tectonic drift, occurred in a few years. To put it bluntly, that much friction would boil the oceans and sterilize the planet.
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Cimone Cimone
lol, So from what I can understand from some of these answers is that god can do anything so it is stupid to even ask. There is obviously no explaining such hogwash and I will just have to live with the understanding that people will believe in the craziest things.
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Bab Bab
An average cloud weighs a million pounds. The earth is right now more than 3/4's covered by water. The polar ice caps are huge and miles thick. The bible talks of underground springs.... Yeah... I'd say it's possible. Just the water in the skies above us would be enough. The best thing about the story of Noah's Ark is the rainbow. It's a reminder of God's love.
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Bab Originally Answered: Flood believers: did you know the flood was rejected by creationists before Darwin?
I agree with all of them. When the TV news real is released showing the areas that flooded we can get a better idea. Meanwhile, could it have been the sinking of Atlantis? Or Lemuria? The people of Noah's time usually lived near water and if the rivers flooded they would think the whole world was under water. They had no helicopters or other tools to show the size of the flood. A PBS special claimed that the Ark would need to be about 660 ft. in length to accommodate all the animals. That is about 3 times the size of even modern wooden sailing ships.

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