I need SAT help and tips ASAP?

I need SAT help and tips ASAP? Topic: Problems in my town essay
June 20, 2019 / By Zebinah
Question: Can anyone give me tips on improving my SAT score in the areas below? They are divided into two categories, strengths and weaknesses. Strengths: Essay Sentence Completion Sentence Corrections Paragraph Edit Weaknesses: All of Math [I'm good at timing but I'm not too familiar with the problems and I have been practicing since the summer] Critical Reading [I have a problem breaking down the sentences, and every time I trying reading them I find it difficult to think] Sentence Errors
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Silver Silver | 10 days ago
Take a prep course. they are offered in almost every college town and in every large city. Two of my kids took the Kaplan course - it was cheaper than Princeton Review. Both improved their scores over 240 points and got into excellent schools.
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Silver Originally Answered: I need SAT help and tips ASAP?
Take a prep course. they are offered in almost every college town and in every large city. Two of my kids took the Kaplan course - it was cheaper than Princeton Review. Both improved their scores over 240 points and got into excellent schools.

Oliver Oliver
I can offer some advice about the math section: Unlike the type of test you take in math class, the SAT is not a test of what you know, but rather, a test of your problem solving skills. For example, a simple concept, such as averages, can be used to make a very difficult problem. The way you prepare for such a test is very different: think of it as practicing rather than studying. The more SAT problems you do, the better you will get. There are 2 articles here describing exactly what to do that here: http://www.satmathguy.com/category/articles To summarize the articles: 1: Do all 10 practice problems in the official SAT study guide. 2: Do each test under timed conditions. 3: Analyze every problem you got wrong. Additional tips: 1:Watch out for traps: the questions get harder as you go, so if a hard question has an obvious answer, it is wrong. 2:Sign up for the official SAT question of the day here: http://sat.collegeboard.com/practice/sat…
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Laverne Laverne
first off the writing is not as important. some colleges look at only math and reading. since you are good at sentence completion, i assume you have a good sense of vocabulary. with the math problems. buy a sat prep book that covers all the topics math expects you to know. i think it only goes up to algebra two. but practice problems are pretty much the only way to improve. and when you correct them actaully go over them and see what you did wrong. critical reading. this section just sucks. the only thing to help you is to read more and more. this way you can speed read. you should skim over that passage and spend more time on the questions. for me, i had a hard time with vocab. so i bought flashcards with sat words and just studied that. it improved my score by 120 points. sentence error. reading will help you with this one because when you read novels, newspapers textbooks or whatever, their grammar is always going to be correct. depending on your score shows how much room you have to improve. what grade are you in and when are you taking them again? how much time you have to study makes a huge difference too on what you should focus on. the more times you take it, the better your score will be because you are more familar with the questions and the material
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Jaasau Jaasau
Honestly, the only answer i can give you is to study. But, i can give you my experience with the SAT'S. First, your going to need a couple books. Like-English For Dummies, Math For Dummies. These books are very helpful! A lot of people on here will tell you that those books will help significantly because they explain the idea's of English and Math very straight forward! There award-winning books! They have Geometry For Dummies, Calculus For Dummies, Algebra For Dummies, Basic Math for Dummies, etc. Same for English and Writing. They have books dedicated to the more simpler stuff, and they have books for the more difficult stuff. I highly suggest buying those books! Some of them even come with DVD walk-through's as well! Now, for another tip. Have you ever heard of Visions in Education? Well, if you haven't-It's a home-school. They usually have buildings in which you can walk into, and get tutoring for free. Let me explain how it works. You just walk in, pick a chair, and a teacher comes up to you and asks what do you need help with, and you get help! They will sit their for hours helping you! They are very nice, and they explain the stuff so you get it! Well, thats all i have for you. Try best, and good luck. :D
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This is the classic case of weighing pros and cons. On the one hand, the pros of your current job are that it provides familiarity and the fact that you obviously know how to do your job. The cons are that you aren't particularly happy with your boss. On the other hand, taking a new job will give you a chance for a better work environment and more pay - but you'll also have to work harder. Honestly, my own opinion is to take the higher paying job even if you do have to work harder. But when you say you have to work harder, does that mean you will have to work LONGER? If you have to work much longer hours and this eats into your social life and time spent doing things you enjoy doing - then that would be a big consideration to me. If you have to work harder but it wouldn't take up any more time - then I would take that because the tradeoff is minimal and the hard work is being compensated for with better pay. Another thing to consider - is the new job better for your resume? In other words, let's say you were fired from your current job - would the experience you gathered while at that company be transferrable to another company? If not, would the new job be a better one to have on your resume? Using your job as a stepping stone, as long as you make sure you work there at least 3-5 years - is a strategy to be considered. Lastly, consider the job market is very poor right now - employers are cutting back on expenses and new hires to deal with inflationary pressures and the plummeting consumer demand. Only make the jump to a new job if you're ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN you will get it. Here's the bottom line though: you need to do something that you enjoy, something that makes you feel valuable and skillful. A job is not just a means to make money but a means of self assurance and a way to think that you are good at something. It uplifts you and makes you feel like you are making a meaningful contribution to society. If you can't feel valuable and worthwhile in your current job - then I'd go for the new one. All the best and good luck!

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