How long do u think we will be together please someone give me advice?

How long do u think we will be together please someone give me advice? Topic: How to write a love note to your crush
July 19, 2019 / By Micha
Question: I met my boyfriend Cameron at a play that we are both in. We have been crushing on each Other for a couple weeks. He smiles at me gives me hugs and said i'm awesome and I am the best girlfriend he has ever had. I wrote him a note saying someone told me u had a crush on me is it true he said yes and asked me out. I said ok I really do like him a lot. We have so much fun we never fight because we only see each Other 3 times a week are we meant to be and how long do u think we will go out.
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Joyce Joyce | 4 days ago
You can tell you are young. You have no idea and neither do we. It depends on how your relationship goes. Every relationship has a honeymoon period where it is exciting and passionate and full of trying to impress each other...but as time goes on you have to be yourself. not saying that is bad...it is good. You can get to know each other for who you are then...and how compatible you are and how your values are similar etc. Relationships need work...so honesty and trust are number one in ANY relationship. You have to work at not playing games with each other but being honest about your feelings and respectful in expressing them. Being able to realize you are not the center of the world is another one....sharing a relationship means two people...and you can't make it all about what you want and who you are or what you want to do....it is about him too. Relax...be yourself and take your time to get to know each other. It does take time...about a year or so before you can really say you know someone. so enjoy your time together...don't think sex is the glue to a relationship...and enjoy your time together. You should be able to discuss and respect what each other needs. If you really love each other in the end..it will last. You dont' have to rush sex or anything..because you KNOW it will be there tomorrow. Have fun...the beginning of a relationship is exciting and a rush but it isn't really who you are YET!
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Joyce Originally Answered: How long should I give her to move?
Wow.. I just posted about something similar to this, except I think my guy is just trying to get me to be waiting for him the whole time. After a few answers saying that I should leave him alone, I realized that it's what I have to do. Your old girlfriend probably thinks you're always going to be there for her. And when times are rough with her boyfriend, shes going to come to you. I think that's what's been going on with my guy. He talks to me so much and tells me about all the crap that he has in his life at hte moment but hte next day, he doesnt talk to me. Find someone who will treat you better. You're right, if she really wanted you back she'd be with you RIGHT NOW, not living with her supposed ex still. Good Luck

Harland Harland
Okay well he sounds really sweet, but the relationship is still new so of course it's really lovey-dovey and sugar-sweet. Don't count on no problems ever coming up even if you only see him three times a week. All in all, no one can predict how long you're going to go out with no background information about your similarities and differences and potential fights that could turn into break-ups. But don't worry so much about that, concentrate on keeping your relationship strong for the time being.
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Elbert Elbert
aw how cute i miss school crushes i dont think you should judge a relationship this early thinking that hes your soulmate or anything but how long it will last depends on if you want a serious relationship. if you guys only see other 3 times a week its going to be kinda hard but if you commit and work time into seeing each other more then i think it should work out just fine im not saying yall are gonna get married or anything but who knows <3
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Carlton Carlton
There is no way to tell other than to try. it sounds like u are off to a good start. Just keep your feet on the ground and enjoy. My boyfriend and I were friends before we got together and have been together over 8 years now, and have an 8 month old son. you never know what life's gonna throw at u :)
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Allastir Allastir
well i think you will go out for a long time since you never fight but no one knows if there will be a bump in your road of love mabye it could be you liking the new guy or you too having a fight. hope i could help! p.s did you have your first kiss
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Allastir Originally Answered: I need some serious advice on a guy! (i'm sorry it's long)?
It def sounds like u really like this guy and he likes u back quite possibly just as much, especially when he told u to let him prove that hes not like other guys. As a guy myself i can say with 99% certainty he wouldnt say this unless he really likes u. Plus all that other stuff u guys did and then told ur friends and neither of u were embarrased and it just seems from all that u guys should at the very least give this relationship a definite try and see what happens, thats all anyone can really do but it seems u guys might be very right for each other so def talk to him and see if he wants a relationship with u 2 and im certain he will. As far as ur other part of question where u ask if hes ur soulmate or "the one" only u (and he) can decide that over time for yourselves, but it certainly seems u2 would be foolish not to pursue a relationship from what u wrote. Gl i hope u2 have a good happy relationship together. Hope i helped, but what do i know im just a guy. Lol!

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