Opinions please on geneology sites?

Opinions please on geneology sites? Topic: Buy history papers online
July 17, 2019 / By Diann
Question: For those of you who have tried them, which site do you think is a better buy and has more information and why? It is a toss up for me to subscribe to geneology.com or ancestory.com.
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Careen Careen | 5 days ago
I have a membership to Ancestry.com and have found the information to be invaluable. Another membership I have that has been wonderful and is "dirt cheap" has been to the godfrey library. www.godfrey.org The membership runs about $35.00 a year . They have all kinds of things available. One of thie things I love is the obituary databases that they offer. If you have ever seen Newspaper archive online, you know that they charge 99 dollars a year. With the Godfrey library membership that is included along with SCORES of other resources. It is really handy and when you think that to have access to all of this runs three dollars a month, it doesn't get better than that!! Here's a sampling of a few things you have access to American National Biography NewspaperARCHIVE.com (Heritage Microfilm) Oxford African American Studies Center Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Paper of Record Reference USA The London Times Digital Archive (Gale) Accessible Archives (19th C Newspapers; African American Newspapers; State Histories) African American Newspapers Columbia Gazetteer Early American Newspapers (1,200 titles) NewsBank Marquis Who's Who NewsBank America's Obituaries NewsBank US & World Newspapers (1,400 + titles) OCLC WorldCat
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Careen Originally Answered: How far back can they trace your geneology on those sites?
A DNA test can show, approximately, your ancestors trail through the world since the evolution of your first ancestor, because you are female a test of your Mtdna will not show any paternal line at all, only your mother, her mother, your great grandmother etc., etc. You do not carry your father's Y-DNA and, either he, your brother, father's brother, or your father's father, or a male cousin on your father's side, would need to be tested to show your father's genetic origins. Below is a reply I have given to a similar previous question, dna cannot tell you which country you originated in, only the probable area, or areas of the world your ancient ancestors passed through during their evolution. Human cells contain 23 pairs of chromosomes: 22 pairs of autosomes, and one pair of sex chromosomes. Females carry a pair of X chromosomes that can swap, or recombine, similar regions of DNA during meiosis. However, males harbor one X chromosome and one Y chromosome, and significant recombination between these dissimilar sex chromosomes does not occur. Therefore, the non-recombining region of the Y chromosome (NRY) remains largely unchanged over many generations, directly passed from father to son, son to grandson, and so on, along with genetic variations in the NRY that may be present. Scientists can use genetic variations, such as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), on the Y chromosome as markers of human ancestry and migration. It is very effective and the best companies will retest until they get a conclusive result. If you have, say, just the first 12 markers tested($149 with FTDNA), that will give an indication of where you originated, the more markers you test on, the more information is gained ( for mtdna, your suggested geographic origin and your maternal deep ancestral ethnic origin, $129 with FTDNA) if you test on the maximumum of, say 67 markers ($349 with FTDNA), it is possible then to find a match to someone else carrying your own, or a different surname, and to prove a link where perhaps no "paper trail" exists. It can therefore pinpoint a place in which your ancestors probably lived in recent history but DNA does not, obviously, have a surname attached to it, surnames have only been used for around 700 years and of course your DNA originated 10s of thousands of years ago. You can also have a SNP test which will help show the migratory pattern of your ancient ancestors, having said that, you can join a Surname project (e.g. with FTDNA) and receive discounted prices on your tests. I recommend that you make yourself aware of the various tests available, and the costs with each testing company. Plus, check out what is available to you after you have tested. I used Family Tree DNA ,they were the first in the field (founded in 1999), have the largest data base, and do the testing for the National Geographic's Genome project, their "after sales" is excellent and I consider they are the best, but you have to make your own decision on that. http://www.familytreedna.org NOTE :- If you are female, you only carry your mother's Mtdna, and her mother's Mtdna, and her mother's Mtdna etc.,etc.,etc. and that will show only your mother's lineage (you will pass that Mtdna on to your daughters and sons, but your sons will not pass it on to their children). You do not inherit your father's Y-DNA. If you are male, you inherit your father's Y-DNA, his father's Y-DNA, his father's Y-DNA, and so on back to your origin. You also inherit your mother's Mtdna, but you only pass your Y-DNA on to your sons.

Amie Amie
Hey Vivib, If you get the Family Tree Maker software it comes with Genealogy.com for a couple months for free. Once you extract all the trees you can from there it is not of any more use. But Ancestory.com has so much more information about so many more genealogy topics, if you are going to subscribe Take Ancestry.com - just my opinion.
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Washington Washington
I do genealogy for my family and I have found ancestry.com to be the best. They have continuous updates, and that's probably why they charge a lot, but you can get a free membership or choose to get a memberships for only a few months. Searching your family will, in most instances, take many years. Mine was difficult but took me six years of intensive day and night search. So I had ancestry.com for two years and the rest of the time I've searched thru all the other genealogy websites and searched the internet for other trees (like on the yahoo search engine). Start with searching obituary notices and church, funeral home and cemetery information, and funeral home cards, and asking family for all the information they can contribute (i.e. who all they know was in the family, any family history, and where family lived, and back as far as they can...after you have that as far as you can, "then" get a subscription..
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Ryley Ryley
I have only ever paid subscription to ancestry.com. You cannot beat the every-person indexed census there, and the options given to search census, if that's all you pay for. I do use many other free online resources of course, especially rootsweb's message boards and email lists. I have even found good clues at familysearch.org but know to be cautious -- although that's true anywhere! Don't rely on what someone else has online, check it out yourself.
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A lot of my friends are college professors and librarians. Nope. They REALLY like to stay on top of that. Just do your own work and don't sweat it. Remember for them, it's very much a publish or perish world.

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