No offense to anyone but i support a nuclear Iran, does anyone share the same feelings?

No offense to anyone but i support a nuclear Iran, does anyone share the same feelings? Topic: Media research theory
July 19, 2019 / By Kailey
Question: The only reason that i support a nuclear Iran; is that if it has the nukes then no one will invade it to steel its oil . This was the problem with Iraq; they didnt have any WMD's and it still got invaded and any intellect knows that Iraq war was for oil. I fear Israel with their nukes or without their nukes. Fact; The last country the Persians/ Iran invaded was Sparta/ Greece that was around 2000 yrs ago. Fact; Since Israel creation in 1948, it invaded attacked and stole land from all its neighbors, and till this day they have millions of Palestinians as their slaves. Just because U.S Jewish lobby, Zionist media and Israel are claiming that Iran is a threat that means we have to be good puppets and listen to them? what do u think? P.S I hate all forms of terriorism wether Islamic or Zionists/ Israel Impulse crab; this is not true, stop watching Jewish owned media fatboy; Fact; their is no such thing as Iranian terriorist, their is Saudi, Palestinian, Pakistanis and others but their no such thing as an Iranian terriorist, not a single terrirorist attack. Its quit clear that ur a parrot to the mainstream media. U guys have to start doing ur own research to find the truth, instead of invading another country that never threated the U,S Logan; u need a new history lesson. Fact; the only country that was able to hit Israeli cities with their rockets was Iraq (12 missles to be exact), no other muslim or Arab country ever attacked an Israeli city or town. I dont count Hamas and Hezoballah because they are terriorist groups. what u are stating are lies so their is pre text for war. And Ahmednajed which i also dont like clarfied to westren news that he was miquoted by Zionist U.S mainstream media news to create havoc for his country
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Gwenneth Gwenneth | 10 days ago
Good post. I am glad to see some rational thinking on YA. Between Israeli media campaigns and American religous fears, Iran is an easy target. The fact that they provide Hezbollah and Hamas with weapons for their freedom fight does not make them a threat to the U.S. or terrorists. Since Israel declared Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism, U.S. must go along with that posture which then allows Israel to commit all sorts of violations of international law with impunity. So that is how it is. I applaud any country that stands up to the threat of the U.S. military and CIA. I can understand Iran wanting a nuclear weapon if only as a deterrent to attacks. Israel and the U.S. uses this to validate their theory that Iran wants to destroy them. That is quite ridiculous. "wipe Israel off the map" means off the maps in the schoolrooms. If this were a valid and true translation of A's statement it would not be the only one to be repeated incessantly. If Israel withdrew from the Occupied Territories including Golan Heights, there might not be any more rocket attacks. I am with Ahmadinejad. There should be a 1-state solution. Israel does not really want a Palestiian state with full sovereign rights. Do you think the Palestinian Rep to the U.N. could request a mandate for a Palestinian state on humanitarian grounds like they did for Israel in 1947?
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Gwenneth Originally Answered: Can Israel live with a nuclear Iran?
iran is a bit complicated , israel is not going to attack without US permission .... not to mention they can't fly to iran without getting fuel in a country between . i think iran eventually would be a nuclear country .... nothing illegal there but they shouldn't be able to build a nuclear bomb , that's what the sanctions are for . war with iran would make a mess , that's why every one is trying to avoid that . @Ken Milby you still think WWE wresting is real don't you ? .

Dindraine Dindraine
Iran won't INVADE Israel, Iran will "wipe them from the face of the earth" given if they're allowed to have nukes. They've threatened to do so and anyone with a brain should believe that they will. Iran definitely does not need them to defend themselves, give me a break. No one is attacking them or even threatening to, not for their oil nor for any other reason unless they attack Israel. I ask you, why are they threatening Israel? You have your facts wrong, Israel has never invaded or attacked another country other then for the purpose of defending themselves. Ahmadinajhad has been recorded as saying he wants Israel gone. How much more proof do you need? It came right from the horses mouth.
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Carine Carine
I honestly don't want to see yet another country get a nuclear bomb, But how do we justify telling a country they can't have any when we have 5,000 ? How can we say they won't be responsible with them when we are the only country to drop them on another country ?
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Anastacia Anastacia
they've publicly stated that as soon as they get nukes they want to fight Israel. why support war? you know if it werent for religious extremist genociding people there wouldn't be a decline in the popularity of religion throughout the youth.
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Webster Webster
Until we find a long term solution to nuclear waste we need to put a hold on any new nuclear facilities.
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Salathiel Salathiel
the whole point of nuclear weapons is to not ever use them, except as a threat to stop global terrorism....Iran has intentions of using them for their own personal(religious) reasons.....not as a protection of their rights....there is a huge difference......
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Murray Murray
I don't know how anyone can "steel"someones oil. I am not worried about the man who has a thousand nukes I am worried about the man who has one.
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Kennedy Kennedy
no offense but i wouldn;t trust armadinajhad as far as i could throw him. he was the one that was there during the iran hostage situation.
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Hizkijah Hizkijah
Let me get this straight, you want terrorists to have nuclear weapons...man, do you have a screw loose, or what....that's pure LUNACY!!
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Hizkijah Originally Answered: Liberals, please share what you would do about Iran?
Ask them politely not to destroy Israel with nuclear missles and if they refuse wag our finger at them very sternly with a disapproving glare..

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