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Please help me to get a good answer? Topic: What is a pronoun case sentence
July 20, 2019 / By Mildreth
Question: Q. A clause from sentence (i) has been turned into a(n) _______ in sentence (ii). (i) Since she knew what the lecture was about, she didn't attend the meeting. (ii) Knowing what the lecture was about, she didn't attend the meeting. A. compound predicate B. relative pronoun C. infinitive D. phrase
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Libby Libby | 1 day ago
A. compound predicate- the subject tells what the action was about, and the predicate tells about the action; in this case the predicate is knowing about the lecture, and it is compound because it precedes the second clause.
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Juliette Juliette
It looks like it might be "A. compound predicate". Predicate is just a fancy word for a noun. The subject in each sentence is substituted with a pronoun. The first uses "she" twice, and the second one uses "she" once. Thus, the subject/ noun in the second sentence is compounded.
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Glory Glory
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