Relationship advice: I dont know who to ask so I will give yahoo a try.?

Relationship advice: I dont know who to ask so I will give yahoo a try.? Topic: I love you different languages writing a check
June 26, 2019 / By Baily
Question: about me: male,cute,super funny,athletic built,family oriented,volunteer alot,dancer,read/write 3 languages,love sports, vegetarian, dont do drugs/alcohol, very spiritual,intelligent, East Indian (punjabi). I am 22, I have attracted girls in the past, but I never dated them....they lacked the essential traits I was looking for Anyway, this contributed to the low probability of me meeting the right girl, which was also synergistically increased by my committment towards school/carreer. Now I am 22, never dated, sometimes I feel lonely. I could easily go out on dates and get laid, but then I won't be able to look myself in the mirror. What do I do? I am afraid, medical school is rough and leaves no time to do anything. I am gonna be a 26 resident doctor in a few years who has never dated. I sometimes feel not neccessary alone, but pressured to have a girl by my side in comparison to others so that i won't feel inadequate, The problem here is that i duno y i feel inadequate w/o a girl
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Winter Winter | 5 days ago
I think you may be thinking it all wrong! Your career is to be the most important part of your life right now! Sure you may feel alone, and inadequate! But a lot of that has to do with your surroundings! You are constantly seeing other men and women together, but hey! Are they all gong to be having a career like your working your butt off for! I think not! Most 22 year old men are thinking more with there crotches then there heads! Hanging at clubs to find some one to have there way with! Not realizing precious time is slipping past there fingers ever day! By the time they finally realize it, there too old to do anything about! You are going to be a very important person in this world, be very proud of who you are and what your trying to make for your life! Don't follow the crowd, that isn't a happy life, being very successful is! Hell your only 22 years old, you have your whole life ahead of you stil! Go after your career like your life depends on it! 10 years from now, you will look back and say, man I'm glad I didn't get involve with some girl who ended up pregnant and I had to quite going after my career! Don't ever feel you are inadequate, just because you have no girl hanging on your arm! There is a lot more to life then that! Pure pressure for a relationship can destroy all you goals you really want out of life! Are you willing to stop all your hard work and goals, just for some girl and a few times in the sack! I would think you would want way more out of life then that! I guarantee once you finish all your schooling and are a resident doctor, there'll be many women after you, and many that you will wish, would just leave you a lone! Never feel you have to have a relationship, because once you get caught up into that way of life, your career will suffer dearly! Remember, those who wait the longest for the right relationship, are the very successful and ever lasting ones! Become that great doctor you want to be, buy a nice house and have the nice things in life first! A relationship in life, has no time limit of when you have to have one! A career, is a whole different story! The faster you can be successful, the happier you'll be the rest of your life! Remember, your on the path many your age, aren't even thinking about, all there thinking is when will they be laid again! Be proud you didn't waste your young life going down that no where path! Most of the guys your age, will be stuck at dead end jobs and 3 - 4 kids by the time there 28 -29 years old and constantly broke, living pay check to pay check! You won't have to worry about any of that, because your on the path to a powerful success! This is your chance maybe out of your whole life to be a very important person in the world, don't blow it for a relationship that may only last 6 months and may put your career in jeopardy! Your parents aren't looking for you to get involved with a women, they looking forward to you being a doctor! Make your parents proud and be the best doctor to can be! Remember the best relationships are the ones that just happen, not the ones you go looking for! Meeting the right girl, is being able to wait for the right girl to come along! The longer you wait, the better chance it is the right girl! You don't need 5-10 girlfriends before the right one for you comes along! Plus you would be better off not saying to girls that come your way! Of what your actually going to school for! That draws to many wanta bees your way! There's still many women that go after doctors, keeping a low profile, will deter you of the gold diggers! It doesn't hurt or make you look bad to have a fling every now and then, as long as your being truthful up front with the women, that your career is the most important part of your life right now and that your not looking to settle down right now! Just because you have sex with a woman who wants to have sex, doesn't make you a bad guy! Your human too! Just don't use the women just for the sex! Be honest with them, and hopefully they'll be honest with you! Tell them straight out, that your not looking to get married for a least 5 -6 years! Telling them nothing is what is bad, about just having sex with them! Your number one right now, get your great career and be proud that you will succeed!
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Shauna Shauna
I know medical school is rough, I used to work in a teaching hospital. Just work on friendships with girls right now, surely there are girls in medical school. Talk to them, eat meals with them. When you become a doctor with your own practice, you will be able to pick and choose, believe me.
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Pamelia Pamelia
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Marcie Marcie
vegetarian and you don't do drugs/alcohol. you sound attractive(: but um. go places to hang out. and talk to random people. she'll be here sooner or later. don't be pressured into anything until you want to.
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Marcie Originally Answered: Grrr dont it annoy u wen ppl on yahoo answers?
I HATE THAT! i hate when people doesn't choose a best answer too! it pisses me off alot! people just choose stupid small minded answers and leave the professional answer there! how dumb! when tried my best to help people and give a very informational answers and then they choose stupid ridiculous answer after! yahoo sucks! don't you agree? EDIT- maybe people just answer questions for points if they know someone else is gonna get picked! i think if people doesn't know anything about certain questions they should just butt off! and go answer something they know about!

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