Why is my I-485 taking so long? Is this normal?

Why is my I-485 taking so long? Is this normal? Topic: Uscis case status online reliable
June 20, 2019 / By Susanna
Question: How long is it going to take for my I-485 to come through? My stepmother filed a I-485 for me all the way in 2005. I have a work authorization and we've been on an interview already. However, the case is still pending. Its been almost 5 years now. Our file is at the National Benefit Center and when I check on the status online they say it is still pending. I checked it today and it said "we are actively processing your case." Why has it taken so long?? Is this normal? so are you trying to tell me that instead of Immigration officers...congress is the one approving I-485s???
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Rain Rain | 5 days ago
5 years is not normal at all, you shouldn't have waited that long to inquire about the status of your case. The case status online is not always reliable. Since you had an interview for your I-485, your A-file is at your local field office. You have several options to address this problem: 1) Yes, you can make an infopass. You can do this online or by calling USCIS customer service center (and ask for a Service Request), visit the uscis.gov for the step by step instructions. Make sure you choose the option to speak to an immigration officer. If you call USCIS, choose options 1-2-3 to speak to a live person (and then tell them it has been 5 years, and you wish to speak to an immigration officer to inquire about your case and that your I-485 is outside the processing time, make sure you have the I-485 NOA ready and your A#). 2) I strongly suggest you submit your case to the CIS Ombudsman, http://www.dhs.gov/ximgtn/programs/edito... The CIS Ombudsman will directly contact the service center/local field office that has your file and also the adjudicating officer(s) who is reviewing your file. Since 5 years has passed since your interview date, your case will be a priority. Make sure you provide recent contact address and phone numbers so that they can contact you easily. 3) Contact your local congressman, senator or representative (they have specialized agents who handle immigration inquiries). They can make the inquiry in your behalf and more often than not, it forces a final decision on your petition.
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