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June 19, 2019 / By Kaley
Question: Right now im goin into my junior year at a college prep private high school and im starting to think about colleges. My freshmen year my cumulative gpa was a 3.75 with all honors classes and my sophmore year my cumulative gpa was a 4.25 with all honors and a college coarse. this next year im taking two college coarses and all honors and i plan to get my cumulative gpa up to a 4.0 or above. Im pretty sure ill do well on the ACT and SAT but i really want some guidance on what school i should go to. if it helps i want to do something in the medical field.
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Hadassa Hadassa | 5 days ago
It's great that you're thinking of colleges early. Based on what you've mentioned it sounds like you're a students colleges are really looking for. However, colleges do not simply look at test scores and G.P.A.s. They look at your essays and your extracurricular activities. The point is not to be involved in a lot, but maybe to be dedicated to a few over time. I recommend you use www.princetonreview.com or www.collegeboard.com when looking for colleges. They really helped me out!
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Hadassa Originally Answered: What are colleges looking for?
As you know your strengths and weaknesses, it's going to be an added advantage for you for sure. You are shaky in Maths and Science, it means you have to leave courses with these subjects and take up courses which emphasize on your favorite subjects. There are many colleges, however, are very stringent with their selection processes. Marks mean a lot to them. You need to check these colleges calling them up separately. In the meantime, try to find out a course which is suitable for you. Later on, when you take admission in a college it would be helpful.
Hadassa Originally Answered: What are colleges looking for?
I never like it when people say they are horrible at something! Try your best to succeed in those classes because we have no choice, but to take them in high school. Try getting help from a friend or a teacher before you automatically push them aside. It's great that you like Spanish because colleges do love foreign language. Also, keep up with the sports and see if you can join some after school clubs. They also like things like that. Colleges can be really annoying though. I didn't get accepted to my first choice, but my next choice turned out great so don't be discouraged when the time comes. Best of luck to you and make sure to cherish all of those High school memories, even the crappy ones because before you know it you will be graduating. Those four years fly by faster then you can imagine. I kind of in a way miss them.
Hadassa Originally Answered: What are colleges looking for?
You're Black so your chances of getting accepted are higher! I know you're gonna get lazy but do your best! Get straight As, it is possible if you set your mind to it! The fact that you started a charity is excellent! That's what colleges look for, someone who is passionate & tries their best to do good. What do you want to be when you grow up? Let that shine. If you want to be a professional hockey player do everything hockey-related these 4 years! If you want to be a writer, join a spelling bee and be a part of writing contests. A good student who wants to be a doctor would volunteer at a hospital, you get what I'm saying? Do perfect in school and outside of it! Good luck, don't give up!

Hadassa Originally Answered: What colleges can i get into?
Depends what your SAT score will be. You also misspelled the word, "English." Try not to do that on your admissions essay.
Hadassa Originally Answered: What colleges can i get into?
that is all very good, but when you are in the 11th grade you will take the SAT and that is big...but they really look at the essay you right them...so wait a year and then see..

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