Please.advice on Accounting classes at my college? Advice from accountants also?:-)?

Please.advice on Accounting classes at my college? Advice from accountants also?:-)? Topic: Advice on setting up a business plan
July 20, 2019 / By Ruth
Question: Im almost at my ropes end on picking a major. I only have 3-4 classes left to go before I go into my majors. Ive been thinking about accounting, im not a really good student, but have always seen myself leaning towards being an accountant. I plan on retaking Acct 2101 and 2102, Ive already taken them but wasn't really serious about being an accountant until recently,b/c struggled to figure out if I was going to major in finance. Which class is more important to know before taking the higher level courses of accounting? Can I get away with learning 2102 and taking another next level course and the following semester along with 2101? Any advice or recommendations on experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance? ANY advice. thumbs up too. Its that important too me. please. thank you. also any advice on some direction or things I should consider or look into more to learn about the things I would need to know that are important before I set my goal on acct? Edit, thanks girlygurl, I really appreciate the advice. I would also appreciate anyone who had any advice on 2101 and 2102 acct courses. Theyre the basic accounting courses that you take for your business degree portion that are required, right before you begin your actual major coarses. Thanks again girlygurl. :-)
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Nelle Nelle | 4 days ago
I just graduated with an accounting and finance degree, and will strongly recomend that you lean towards accounting. I am not sure what class Acct 2101 and 2102 is. Are the Intermediate Acct I and II? If so they are tough classes, but if you can get through intermediate accounting, you will survive the major, infact it is a down hill slope. Having two majors, I tried to get jobs as a finance major. I am not sure if it is because of my school, but it was very hard to find finance related job, and the pay compared to accounting was 9K less. Now, with accounting, I had a internship by mid junior year, that paid a lot of money. The internship landed me a full time job, in the beggining of my senior year. So while other majors were looking and continue to look for a job, I had one secured. Keep in mind that as an accountin major, I think you have to work hard. With my acct degree, I can do a lot of the work that finance majors do, infact that is why it was easier for me to take finance courses, but I dont think that the finance major can do wht accountants do. Let me conclude by saying, do what you will enjoy doing. If you enjoy finance then go for that. But there are a lot of rewards as an accountant, and it opens up a lot of opportunity. Good luck
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Louise Louise
Intermediate accounting is the key class for accounting majors. If you feel weak in this class, take it over. Auditing builds on the information in intermediate accounting, so your career also builds on the same course.
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