Is she TRYING to be mean?

Is she TRYING to be mean? Topic: Handwriting letter groups
June 19, 2019 / By Katie
Question: okay, so today i gave my friend a permission slip and a check for this thing called harvest fest at a church. since i dont go to the church, i gave it to her so she could turn it in for me. i gave it to her at lunch, and at the last period of the day, my friend (who i've been friends with since 3rd grade, and isn't in our lunch group) saw the envelope and gave it to me. she knew it was mine from the handwriting, andi asked HER to turn it in becuase i know she goes tot the church, and i can trust her. but now, im trying to convince myself that my other friend dropped the letter on accident. but something feels like she doesnt want me to go, so she would "lose" it. but i dont want to go and accuse her if it IS an honest mistake, but i want her to also know that i know she tryed to get rid of it, if she did. augh! what should i do? please please help!!! thanks! would it help your response, if the girl who was supposed to turn it in first is more "popular" than my friend from 3rd grade? idk just thought i'd let you know. sorry for my bad spelling =]
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