Can someone give me some advice please?:(?

Can someone give me some advice please?:(? Topic: How can you start off a conclusion
July 17, 2019 / By Kiarra
Question: Basically, I've been going out with my boyfriend for almost a year and because we are both studying for exams we both get very stressed often. Then because we are stressed we have arguments, not big arguments, just small ones. These arguments then get worse each time and its partly to do with how I am as a woman and how I read to much into things and create problems that weren't there in the first place. He then gets confused because he was 'just saying something' and it upset me. So I'm all upset and then it gets to the same point as it always does, where he says something like 'This seems to be happening a lot more recently'. So yesterday we had one of those small arguments and he said that he needed some space just to cool off. He said he just wanted to think about the happy times during our relationship and forget about the stressful times and try to carry on as normal in a week's time. I was obviously very upset because I thought he was breaking up with me but he insisted that we stayed together and that he wasn't breaking up with me. He also said that when he parents were going out they got into this situation and then they needed a bit of a break. So now we aren't contacting eachother for a week. He said he doesn't ever want me to not be in his life and he still loves me very much, but I can't help thinking he wants to break up with me. He said he was doing it for us so we could carry on as normal but something is telling me that he's just using this week to think about whether he wants to be with me or not. I'm dreading the day I speak to him again incase this is true and he says he has thought about it more and come to the conclusion that he doesn't want to be together anymore. I just feel so empty knowing that there's nothing I can do and I feel very down. I keep getting that feeling in my chest, you know that feeling when you're about to cry and I can't stop crying. I can't eat because I feel sick from worry. I want to talk to him but I know he needs space and I HAVE to leave him alone. I love him so much more than I can explain and I can't bare the thought of him not being there anymore. What do you think about this situation? What do you think is likely to happen? If you were a guy (or are a guy) and you said this what would you mean? Am I reading too far into it?
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Jakki Jakki | 10 days ago
I think that your overcomplicating of things already brought you both where you are now. It is too late to fix you as persons now, we should focus on that after we try to fix the current situation. For start you mistake is that you see each other because you got used to that, and not because you are really in the mood to see the other person. Keep in mind that no relationship can win against depression and stressful times. When exams hit, when jobs are sacred and when deadlines are knocking on your door, you need to deal with them first and then set a side some time for loved ones. It is a big obligation from both of you, but that week off won't help him at all if he'll be spending his free time on anything but studying. So for example instead of seeing / hearing / texting each other every day, try to study for 2-3 days straight and then meet each other. You will file both relationship and exams if you cannot find a boundary and stick to it. I hope I helped. You can follow my answers here on yahoo, there's plenty of similar problems other couples have that I have responded to already. I hope it works out for you tho, then we can start working on the "over thinking" about certain things, because that is what ruins most of it.
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Jakki Originally Answered: SOMEONE please give me advice?
Sounds like you are feeling terrible. If you are really sick, then stay home or go see a doctor. If you are just in a funk, get you butt to class. The rest of us are waiting. =) Hope you feel better soon. God bless, CK

Jakki Originally Answered: Can anyone give me some advice?
Okay so let me start by prasing you for wanting to help your friend even though you may be jelous of his talents. Personally, I don't think there is anything at all wrong with your friend. In fact, I think his own worries about having something wrong with himself is whats making him seem more socially akward than he truly is. My advice to him is to try and put himself in as much akward situations as possible that way he will learn how to be outgoing, and confident. He also needs to realize how special he is, and praise himself for the greatness he has. I feel that once he becomes more confident, he will in turn, become less akward. And as for a girlfriend, one day a girl will see his special talents and love him for all of them. 21 years has nothing to do with anything, he probably just hasnt found that one special girl (cheesy, but true). Hope I could help<3
Jakki Originally Answered: Can anyone give me some advice?
Be there for her and take a look at and get her to speak to her father and mother... By her speaking to them offers her extra choices on wether or no longer she needs to maintain it and even adoption she has extra choices now than she is going to later. Her father and mother will uncover out ultimately simply be certain it isn't to past due. And be a well buddy and take a look at and support/advisor her to make the offerings she needs and no longer what someone "needs" her to do due to the fact she am has to manage it afterward in lifestyles it doesn't matter what she makes a decision... And like the woman earlier than stated her father and mother will develop to the proposal and sure there is a threat they're going to free it however the will not hurt her or the youngster. So inspire her to make her selections so that they can advantage her sooner or later.

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