I have a persuation essay on why divorce shouldnt be allowed.please help?

I have a persuation essay on why divorce shouldnt be allowed.please help? Topic: Short essay on my best friend
June 20, 2019 / By Anona
Question: i have to do a 7 minute presentation on why divorce shouldnt be allowed .please help me this is for 5 test grade please. any details would help
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Best Answers: I have a persuation essay on why divorce shouldnt be allowed.please help?

Ywain Ywain | 1 day ago
Arguments against Divorce 1.People have the wrong attitude and expectations of marriage. They believe the fairy tale that it will be "happily ever after", when there is no such thing. 2. All marriages experience some difficulties. It is unrealistic to expect happiness all the time. No one is happy all the time. Why should you be happy all the time in a marriage? 3. It is a religious ceremony. When you take a vow before God or your higher power, it should be held in honor and preserved. 4. Divorce has a devastating effect on children. They suffer and it affects them for the rest of their life. It leaves emotional and psychological scars. Most children harbor a secret guilt that somehow they are the cause of the divorce. It affects their future relationships to a degree. 5. Women find it difficult to be single parents and look after children. They may have several children and suffer great hardships emotionally as well as financially. Not many men are willing to take on a ready made family. Because of that, a divorced woman with children might be deprived of deeper emotional committments. 6. Children need good role models so that their marriage is successful. It provides them with a good example for the future. The marriage your children see is the one they will strive to copy in their own marriage. 7. Children need both their parents to grow up and to be emotionally and psychologically stable and well balanced. The family as a whole is still the most healthy and stable enviroment for raising children. 8. People should approach marriage seriously. It is for life not only for a month or a year. Many television shows and movies would have us believe that it's cool to have many short term relationships when it is nothing but hurtful and harmful to both parties. 9. You have to work at marriage for it to succeed. Just like anything else that's worthwhile. Good marriages just don't happen by accident. 10. Some people divorce each other on a whim or in a fit of pique. People should be forced to examine their motivation for seeking a divorce. 11. If affects the whole family and causes unhappiness to parents, children, brothers and sisters. The whole family suffers. 12. It brings shame on the whole family in the community. People look on divorced people as flawed. 13. People should consult marriage guidance counsellors and look for reconciliation. 14. People should not be selfish but should put their children first. After all, aren't children the reason for marriage? 15. There are many accounts from children of divorced parents. These show that it has a devastating effect on children. They suffer in all aspects of their lives when the parents are divorced - emotionally, mentally, socially. 16. Children of divorced parents cannot form stable relationships themselves. We learn how to form relationships from the one our parents had in their marriage. Failure breeds failure. 17. The only winners in divorce are lawyers. Both partners lose a lot of money; it is expensive and does not make life any better. 18. Because divorce is easy, almost fashionable, it encourages couples to get divorced. They take an easy option. Divorce should be made extremely difficult. 19. You should continue to live together and keep the family together although there may be some misunderstandings or problems. In the past there were fewer divorces and people managed to stay together. 20. People should try every possible option to avoid separation. They should communicate with each other, discuss problems openly, involve trusted friends and seek help.
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Normand Normand
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