Any vet's willing to give advice?

Any vet's willing to give advice? Topic: K# case sensitive
June 26, 2019 / By Lenore
Question: My kitten Shasta is about 18 weeks old. Recently me and my boy friend have noticed that on the left side of her body its like a rib is stick up higher then the others. We've never noticed this before and she hasn't shown any pain nor do we know how it could of happened (she lives inside). You can see that there is a lump just by looking at her and you can feel it pretty well but she doesn't seem to be in any sort of pain. She has a appoint soon enough for another problem that shes had since she was born and I just don't know if I should bring her in or wait. She had all of her kitten shots also with the last set being just 2 weeks ago so whatever this is it wasn't showing then. I really need some honest answers from someone who may know. We've already been to the vet a lot and shes about to go in a week to have surgery. I want to take care of her but if this is something that can wait till that check up it needs to but if it something that could cause major problems then she needs to go... I just don't know. The lump feels like a rib. Its between other ribs and its just as if the rib has slid up. It doesn't seem broken but I know you can't really feel that. I can rub on it and she doesn't show any problems and shes just as playful as always. I think I will call in the morning to be sure though just in case. I just hope it can wait. Shes seen the vet to much in her young life already (she has a slight anal prolapse and so shes seen the vet 6 times already in the 12 weeks we've had her plus the 2 visits to get take care of tape worms.)
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Jools Jools | 1 day ago
Good idea just to call the vet about it. Regarding anal prolapse, a rescue league I worked with put a dog on Shark's Cartilage to help a prolapse of another sensitive area. It actually helped, when the vet was going to charge for a $400 surgery. Surgery was cancelled and the dog was placed into a nice adoptive home. You might consider seeing how much Shark's Cartilage a kitten of her age can eat and try it, if it is O.K. for cats.
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Genna Genna
If you're really worried about it, I'd call the vet and ask if he thinks you should bring her in now. If this just showed up, I'm be worried about it. She could have some kind of injury. Better to be safe, than sorry later.
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Delicia Delicia
if you dont know what the lump is, please dont wait, get her to the vet before the appointment. its better to be safe than sorry later.maybe they can fix both problems during the surgery. i'd get her to the vet right away. good luck.
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