Am I really an emo fag?

Am I really an emo fag? Topic: Google how to write a song
June 26, 2019 / By Makeda
Question: no do not spare me tell me what you really think I have not been laid in three years and I live at home with my mom I flirt with underage girls because they tease me at night I cry about it I play guitar, but I write better than I play music that is and i have no idea how I should procede to find a solution to my desire to procrate I put a ciggerette out on my arm and sometimes I swear I am on the rag
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Kiera Kiera | 10 days ago
start taking 4-8 omega 3 fish oil tablets per day.... I swear on my life, that you will notice these.... then go to blackbeltguitar.com and learn some theory google 'guitar scales method crack torrent' go to thepiratebay.org and grab that for an interactive guide in how to use scales and improvisation google 'guitar pro 5.2 torrent' go to thepiratebay.org and grab that go to ultimate-guitar.com and grab your favourite emo songs in guitar pro format put your energy and soul into becoming a good guitar player, that can write good songs... take steps in your life to feel good about yourself.... EXERCISE!!!.. the body needs exercise to feel good, get outside.... p.s. atleast your not some stupid arrogant dumb footballer who is full of himself, likes to go shooting of a weekend and brag to his friends about scoring a root..... I'm sure you have alot of good qualities.
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Jamesina Jamesina
It sound like your a bit of a loser, no offense, please don't take any offense. But it sounds like your depresses, not necessarily emo.
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