What is the price of a newspaper (including taxes)?

What is the price of a newspaper (including taxes)? Topic: By the case sales
June 16, 2019 / By Jaasau
Question: Today I went to a store to buy the Miami Herald (I live in Miami). The price on the paper says $1.00. When I went to go buy the newspaper, the clerk wanted to charge me $1.07 (the Dade county sales tax is 7%). I told her that the $1.00 printed on the newspaper includes the tax. She said no. Of course I refused to buy the newspaper. After all, there are newspaper dispensers where you insert 4 quaters and get the newspaper. Can someone tell me what should be the price of a newspaper (using the example I gave)? Is this business breaking the law by charging the extra 7 cents? If so, who do I go to complain about this?
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Fillin Fillin | 4 days ago
In New York State, I believe newspapers and magazines are exempt from sales tax. Or the tax is included in the price. Either way, we pay what it says on the paper. ( In my case, 50 cents for the daily, $2.00 for Sunday.) (Edit) I looked it up. Newspapers are exempt from sales tax in New York http://www.tax.state.ny.us/pdf/publicati... (on page 23)
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Danni Danni
The business is not breaking the law. The 7% they collect is the same 7% they will pay on that $1.00 sale. When the newspaper gets $1.00 at the dispenser, they still owe the tax.
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Aylward Aylward
It sounds like a new clerk or someone who thinks she is correct, or possibly pocketing the seven cents. You can call the paper and talk to them about that but you can also go to newsboy.com and read the paper online for free although it may not be as complete as the printed version.
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Shannon Shannon
Maybe it's Miami. You don't pay sales tax in Michigan, Colorado or Arizona. It's included in the price.
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