How do you think High School would be for me?

How do you think High School would be for me? Topic: Extra homework for year 5
June 16, 2019 / By Jered
Question: Well im actuall kinda scared and nervous to go to highschool, to make it worse im a smAll weak indian boy, im only like 4'10", and people made fun of me when Osama died, they were like " Oh jerome i heard your dad died the other day!" and they know i cant do nothing about it because im small and weak... so its really tough. Plus my dad is wanting me to get a scholarship, thats why imma work on my school work more. I like sports like Football and basketball but i suck at football and i love basketball and im pretty good at it, im just nervous to plAy at school because its like ill be useless because again, im small And weak... Im also trying my best not to be Nerdy becAuse my mom makes me dress nerdy... Then another thing im scared about is thAt i dont have alot of clothes in my closet for the whole high school year, and wearing them back just seems corny becausr then everyone is going to think your weird and poor ( though i am pretty poor ) i just hope ill be able to survive highschool...Any tips or Help please, 9th grade is in 1 Month!
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Gershom Gershom | 5 days ago
so highschool is way bigger than middle school, and there are a bazillion classes that you can choose between to take. for example, you can take a criminal justice class, or a business class, or a video game designing class, or a first aid class, or a cooking class...the list goes on and on. there are also honors/advanced placement (AP) classes, regular classes, and classes for those who struggle. honestly, the classes really aren't that hard though if you pay attention and do the homework assigned though. that being said, lemme tell you now, the homework load is going to increase A TON, and it's going to eat you alive if you plan to keep good grades and don't keep on top of everything. honestly, between both the homework load and the work itself, middle school was a piece of cake compared to high school. right from the summer homework to your first day of school, just DON'T FALL BEHIND. it will come back to haunt you, because it's extreeemmely hard to get back on track, and teachers aren't going to give you too many extra chances like they did in middle school. but, if you manage your time well, you should be okay. some of the easiest ways to do this is to use your off period (if you have one) to your advantage, do your homework right after school, and keep a planner. as far as relationships go, it's like night and day between middle school and high school. most relationships generally don't last long in middle school, but once you get into high school, they become pretty serious. people start getting into relationships that can last anywhere from multiple months to even a couple years. guys and girls aren't as immature when it comes to flirting or admitting that they like each other, nor is it as awkward to admit it. it's definitely a good change. there's also someone for every type of person, so it's nice(: and just like you've probably seen in the movies, there's plenty of making out in the halls. lol. the kids are generally more mature in high school. you still have your assholes, but most kids don't just poke fun at others for no reason. you still have your nerds, your jocks, your populars, etc. etc., but it's not horribly as exclusive as the movies make the groups out to be. everyone talks with everyone, but just make sure that you choose the right friends. and honestly, you'll probably keep a few of your friends that you have now, but you'll make a bunch of new friends too. for clothes, people definitely start developing their own sense of originality even further than they did in middle school. you actually see your true goth kid with the huge bell-bottom pants with the chains and the long hair that covers their face, to the girl that wears nothing but pink and huge bows in her hair everyday, to the kid that likes to stick out with a bunch of funky colored clothes. it's really all about your taste. as far as your mom trying to dress you, try to kindly explain to her that you have different tastes in clothes. If she continues to do it, try to "un-nerd them" up a little bit. I'm not sure what the extremes of the way she's dressing you are, so i'll try to give you the best advice i can. untuck your shirt, open up your collar a little, don't keep your pants pulled up so high, that sort of thing. carry yourself confidently, and your clothes won't be too big of a deal. like i said though, try talking to her about picking out your own clothes and shoes. i'm sure she'll understand(: as far as sports go, don't worry about your height, even if it is basketball! and don't worry about your size for football either! if you're a good player, you're a good player. simple as that. nothing can change that. Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues is only 5'3" and one of the greatest basketball players ever; that's because he uses his short height to his advantage, because he's quicker than most, can steal the ball from others more easily than others, and can do many moves that his taller peers can't. Mack Herron was only 5'4" when he played in the NFL and yet he was one of the greatest to ever step on the field, because he was faster than his fellow players. there's definitely many advantages to being short in sports, so don't let that bother you. you'll be just as good, if not better, than many other players. haha as a warning, don't be the freshman that runs down the halls because they're late for a class, or is walking around aimlessly with their schedule in their hand. if you can, write down the classroom number of your next class that you have on your hand or something. lol. oh and the halls are REALLY crowded, and the only way to get around is to be pushy; otherwise, you'll get ran all over.
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Dolph Dolph
I was afraid to. But the thing is you think people care but they DONT. THEY DONT GIVE A ****. No one is worrying about you. Hopefully after a couple weeks at school you'll realize that. Plus, being short only means you have to work harder because theres going to be people who are taller that assume you suck because your short. Stupid ******* *** *****. And the clothes thing? You wont be alone. High School is bigger then Middle so people tend to not notice it as much.
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Brad Brad
Relax. One week in at your high school, you'll probably have already forgotten you were scared about it. Do the best you can to fit in, and don't worry if everyone doesn't like you. It's not that big a deal. And remember, four years from now you'll be a senior!
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Adare Adare
Just don't act too weirdly and make sure that you at least have some friends. Do this by joining clubs and teams that you enjoy and are good at. Also, if people think OBL was your dad then they have serious geographical issues because he wasn't from India. High school is not really that bad if you don't worry about it. Good luck.
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Hmmm. High School. All i know is that im excited to get out. Haha. As far as stories go, I have a lot. People look at you weird if you don't wear what everyone else wear, but don't let that stop you. People will like you for being yourself. The whole "stuffed in trashcan" in false. I have never heard of that happening, especially to girls, so don't worry about bullies. Overall, have fun =] And its good that you care about the way you look AND have good grades. I'm the same way. Good Luck.

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