Why do you feel it necessary to condemn others to hell?

Why do you feel it necessary to condemn others to hell? Topic: How to write a personal story speech
June 26, 2019 / By Toria
Question: I really don't understand it. How is that being Christ-like? I find it very cruel and a cowardly way of hurting another person because they don't believe the same as you. We create our own personal hells right here and now when we do this to each other. I am a Buddhist but was raised Catholic and I know all of the arguments you could give me after 23 years of study both Catholicism and sacred scriptures so please refrain from the quoting. Why do you write this as a response to people? It personally pains me. I guess I'm still getting over being told this everyday for a long time...... I am not lumping everyone together and come from a family that contains atheists, protestants, catholics and jews. Thank you for the responses even if you were telling me I am choosing hell. In the end, I do appreciate all of you as human beings. Namaste
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Rylee Rylee | 8 days ago
Don't forget your buddha-potential, Yogini, and please don't feel pain because of what someone else said out of ignorance. Try and arouse your bodhicitta again and again and resolve to break out of the habit of poisonous mind states. You have knowledge that is useful to you and there is no better time than when under attack to have patience with yourself and your attacker. Remember the story of the Precious Teacher, Guru Shakyamuni Buddha, who felt equanimity towards his most learned and devoted disciple presenting immeasurable offerings on one side and his most vile and hateful enemy on the other slashing and stabbing at him with a knife. Sure, in a conventional way, it sucks to hear people of any faith use hateful speech but this is Death trying to cheat you out of your rightful place among the countless buddhas and bodhisattvas who have gone before. Don't give up your wish! Let this person who insulted and hurt you be seen as The Teacher and from the depth of your heart consider him or her supremely precious. Besides today is March 28, a very auspicious day to offer everything to the Guru - everything - all things, good and bad.
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Rylee Originally Answered: How do we know that "Hell," exists? If so, where is "Hell," located? Serious answers only?
Well hell can bne defined as the absence of God and if atheists are right then that would mean there is no God and we are already in hell, so if atheits are right we already reside in hell, sort of a hell on earth. If.

Nerine Nerine
We are not condemning anyone to hell, only God knows our hearts. The Bible is very clear about the eternity, we spend it somewhere. You have a free will. We should love one another despite of our differences. I cannot say to you that you are going to go to heaven or you are going to go to hell, but I can tell you what God tells about that in the Bible. You do not have to believe it but that does not change anything. This is an open discussion column, we share knowledge. I am here to learn too. I follow Jesus, and I am fine with that fact that everyone does not believe the same way I do. If you do not believe in hell, why should you even be bothered about the responses. Remember, only God knows your heart. You might be going to heaven, you just do not know it yet. You have the choice, no one here sends you hell. : )
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Luanne Luanne
Oh... Judgement! As a former Catholic, you no doubt know that the Church condemns NO ONE to Hell. In fact, as Catholics, we are commanded not to judge the state of another's soul (because we are not that person, how can we judge their holiness?). Perhaps you are referring to people warning others about the dangers of Hell? That is good-- In fact, helping a person recognize that they are committing a sin is a spiritual work of mercy! But this is not judging the person, merely the sin. Obviously, this can be abused. Sometimes people like to throw around hellfire and brimstone to scare other people, or make themselves feel more important. The ancient Pharisees judged others in that manner all the time. Unfortunately, people are, well... human. We make mistakes. All we can do is pary. I hope that helped! :)
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Kay Kay
You say that you are a Buddhist, but your 'Catholic upbringing' really SHOWS in your question, to the point that I have to wonder if you aren't 'professing to Buddhism' on a strictly MENTAL level and are still 'a Catholic girl' in your heart. I know that there are many people who call themselves 'Christians' who ROUTINELY 'condemn people to hell' in the erroneous belief that if they 'frighten them' they'll 'turn to Christ' and 'be saved.' I'm a Catholic (converted) who came to the chuch from 'atheist/agnostic' throught Vedantism and Buddhism and Episcopalianism, and I just 'can't understand' the pyschology behind these so- called Christians doing what they do. Why does it 'bother you' so much? You should 'know' in your heart that you are not going to 'go to hell' just because they 'tell you that you are going to hell' ... and if I was you, I'd just 'turn the other cheek' and if they keep pestering you turn to them and say 'If going to Heaven means I'd have to continue to put up with you and your self-righteousness, I'd rather go to Hell ...' and just walk away ... they won't 'get it' but you'll have pulled a 'good one' on them ... and perhaps, when they get to Heaven to be 'judged' by God, they'll finally 'see' that they were WRONG and you were 'more correct' than they were ... and I'm fairly sure that you are going to Heaven ...
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Holly Holly
I personally don't believe in Hell, but I do however agree. I don't understand why anyone, would chose to be like that. I understand people can't be nice all the time, but I find that just mean , maybe sometimes even cruel. I understand that they personally can't condemn anyone, but they still tell anyone they think is wrong that they are going to hell. Not everyone is like that tho, which is a breath of fresh air. Thank you.
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Edana Edana
...I say this kindly, but you missed a few things in your studies. ...Friend, we can pretend nothing is wrong, and tell people the same, but that is dishonest, when the Bible says the following: ...Romans 3:23 "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." ...Romans 6:23 "For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord." ...Hebrews 9:27 "And inasmuch as it is appointed for men once to die, and after this the judgment..." ...Revelation 20:15 "And if anyone's name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire." ...Hell is a real place, where evil and evildoers will be confined forever. It is described as a lake of fire, a place of outer darkness, a place where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth, away from the presence of the Lord. ** ...I cannot condemn anyone to Hell. I must tell them, though, that the Bible says that is where they are headed unless they trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior. Observe John 3:18: ...18 "He who believes in Him is not judged; he who does not believe has been judged already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God." ...It is being obedient to Christ and therefore is Christ-like, because we are commanded to take the Gospel to the ends of the Earth, and tell it to all people. ...I urge you to trust in the Lord Jesus alone as your Savior. (Acts 16:31) ...Whosoever will, may come.
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Chantel Chantel
As a Christian I neither have the ability nor the authority to condemn anyone to Hell and most Christians I know realize this too. I prefer to share the "love of Christ" instead of trying to scare people into salvation. I'm sure you have had some bad experiences with some mis-guided Christians but all of us aren't like that.
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Chantel Originally Answered: Why do some atheists condemn religion when this is a opened minded society and a democracy?
Because Christians are trying to basically take over. They’re forgetting separation from church and state. when major christian ministers like Pat Robinson ext have a big meeting and the topic is about “how do we take control of the united states government; I think people of other paths have a right to stand in there way. In the distant past when Christians had a problem and people wouldn’t believe in there faith they would just kill them. Not even Joshua and the Jews bring a big army to a city with plans of a Sunday picnic. But now there’s rules about that. People have rights and they can’t go around killing people. Religion isn’t open minded. People believe religion for no rational reason and don’t question it. why don’t they question it?: “The more important beliefs or sins to the religion are “don’t judge” and “heresy”. Heresy is to have an opinion or believe that is unorthodox or not what most others believe. A person that makes there own decisions feely without being told to in short is a heretic. Do not judge. That’s a dumb one. “Don’t use your judgment”. Try to make an opinion with out judging something; you can’t can you. Basically in Christianity and Christian based religions you can’t have an opinion. If you think a single thought that’s different from what you’re told to think you’re a sinner. If you think it’s a nice day and no one else does you’re a sinner. Now think about that and try not to sin of five minutes. Of course if you’re sinful enough you go to hell. The indescribably worse thing that could happen to you. This translates to an unspoken equations between religious leader to there believer. (Opinion judgment critical thinking) = sin Hell over really catastrophically bad = one whole Sin=Hell Hell=Fear Sin=Fear (Opinion judgment critical thinking)=Fear True believers never question. Every time they go to church or read there bible there reminded about the consequence of sin. Sin equals Fear. True believers may seem crazy but when people are scared senseless they think irrationally. When people think irrationally there much easier to control. That’s what it’s about controlling people. What’s the chances that twelve fishermen and a carpenter are going to be literate in a time when the only people that where literate where scribes and royal officials? In this time period scribes worked exclusively for royal officials. Royal officials that govern or control people. People that need to find ways to keep people in line. Ways that people will believe without doubt or question. Ponder that the next time you wonder who wrote the bible.”-me Atheist condemn religion because religion condemns it. They treat other people like there’s something wrong with them and they need help because they don’t believe what they want them to believe.

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