Can you give me advice on my love "problem"?

Can you give me advice on my love "problem"? Topic: Meaning of case study in education
June 19, 2019 / By Taffy
Question: Last year I had a date with a wonderful and sweet educated man, and we both enjoyed and felt opposite attraction. We kept contact, but with the long distance (in Europe, 300km is long!), we never got to a point of agreeing on a second date. We nearly got there several times, but there was always something standing in our way. The last few days we've been talking a bit more since months really...Should we give it a go and how should we do this? I'm still in college and he's an adult with a carreer. So should I just date him again and see if it would be worth studying 300km to the North?
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Pekahiah Pekahiah | 2 days ago
i don't know much about you giving a try or not, but whats with that thing about you deciding to study where he is in case you like him . Dear never direct your education towards feelings, i mean study where you want to and not where you have to especially just for the sake of a relation, i am not anti-relations, but i believe if feelings really exist, then distance doesn't matter. :)
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Pekahiah Originally Answered: Married & have a 4 month old baby & in love with another guy. Can you give me some advice?
Cohabiting is a very dangerous step in a relationship. I am actually in a marriage and family development course, and the odds of the two of you "making it" are not high. there are many red flags in your relationship: - age difference - dating before development of friendship - cohabiting after one month - premature engagement/ marriage - no conflict management skills - baby - outside love affair - distrust - unhappy with lifestyle - violence - lack of friend's approval --------------------------------------... okay, so you two may have rushed a bit. my suggestion is: don't give up. try not to associate yourself with this new friend, as it may cause maritual conflict. try to get involved in some sort of marriage counseling services, if that does not wok, or your husband deems it unnecessary, try delving yourselves into some maritual books. my husband and i got married in august (we began dating in november of 2005 as well). we are currently going over "should we stay together" by Jeffry H. Larson. It's a great book one of the exercises involves discussing an area in which the two of you disagree for 3 minutes trying not to argue, but work out your differences. you record your 3 minute discussion, then listen to it, and then discuss how you could have better solved the problem. it's a great exercise. if your husband is unwilling to try to work things out, it may be better for you, and your baby to leave the relationship.

Lovel Lovel
Long distance relationships never work out honey. But, if you really 'like' this guy and you think you and him would have a chance, then be my guest, and do it. But, you shouldn't waste your time with someone who lives 300km away. You wouldn't know what he would be up to when your not there. And, you don't really know him that well so it would be a waste of time going on a second date.
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Jaylyn Jaylyn
sad to say i agree with first answer. long distance relationships don't work. i mean its hard enough to date someone you see every day or week, imagine having a relationship where u barely see each other. wait hold on that last bit doesn't sound too bad, lol. j/k but its true. if you get too emotionally attached it will be more difficult as time goes by. i'm sorry about that hon.
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Galilee Galilee
If you think it's worth it go for it, but don't sacrifice your education, that's something you'll always have! You could just have a long distance relationship and see how it go's and when you finish college if it's serious you could think about moving.
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Derick Derick
If you really like him them of course you should go on other date with him..If yaw still talk after this long then i think it would be worth the travel.
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