Freshmen Highschool courses recommendation?

Freshmen Highschool courses recommendation? Topic: Law legal writing courses
June 16, 2019 / By Tom
Question: When i grow up I wanna be a doctor and I wanna ask people who have already taken or are taking highschool for suggestions on what classes to take. IM in 9th grade freshmen year. For which classes should I take honors to help be a doctor English,Global history,Geometry,Biology,Foreign Language And which electives should i take (pick 2 please) TO BE A DOCTOR Ceramics,Creative writing, Criminal Justice street law. debate, drama, drawing, keyboarding for coll, website design, writing for theather movies TV, And backups please
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Raven Raven | 8 days ago
You need the four cores (English, science, math & social studies) for any college major -- the number of courses in each will depend on the graduation requirements. Spanish is a good choice for Foreign language. Keyboarding is good, since you will do a lot of writing, unless you are already a good typist. Creative writing is good since you will have to fill out a lot of forms and CVs to make yourself stand out. Criminal justice is good since you will have a lot of legal and ethical considerations. Drama is fun, and helps you learn to communicate and read body language. Not sure what street law is; drawing is not bad, either
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all it means is you gotta cite your sources or where you got the evidence supporting where you stand also if you look at your high school website its bound to have a section all about citing sources in the library section
Raven Originally Answered: Freshmen High School AP English essay help?
Book Chapter In D. Palumbo (Ed.), 1988, Spectrum of the fantastic (pp. 219-223). Westport, CT. Greenwood. the author, the date, title, the pages, place of publication, and publisher. when it says evidence you need to say what page you got it from using the format above. you can look online for more citations if i didnt explain enough. The essential elements of a book chapter citation are: Book Chapter Title Book Chapter Author Title of the Book Author/Editor of the Book Place of Publication Publisher Date of Publication Chapter Page(s)

Mat Mat
You have a lovely complete load for a freshman whilst side the prime college enjoy is finding out the best way to manage different humans. I see no main issue in getting a SAT research consultant and I could endorse taking the PSAT this yesr. The extra farmiliar you're with the wrestle area the greater you'll be capable to combat and regulate.
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Jimi Jimi
english , geometry , biology , & foreign language . drawing & creative writing . (: thats what im taking (:
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You are not dumb. Maybe you need an alternative school, or an Adult School with a high school program. There are also online high school degree programs that offer a real diploma from working from home. Are you taking medication for your anxiety? You need to believe in yourself. You will be happy later on to have the high school diploma. All people learn differently and not everyone is meant for public education. Don't give up!

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