Should I break up with the love of my life?

Should I break up with the love of my life? Topic: How to write a letter of reference for school
June 26, 2019 / By Tracee
Question: I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years and a half ,I'm 20 in college & he is almost 19 still in high school he keeps telling me that I deserve everything and he feels so sad that he can't afford to call me daily buy gifts and meet me in special dates but I told him that I'm ok with that as long as I know that he loves me.once he saved the money that his father gave him of whole month to buy a beautiful argent ring but he couldn't call me as a result.We had hard times but we've been always stuck with each other & always comes back after break up he failed this 1st trimester even tough he has studied hard and I was there for him too and lately he is being very distant and like pulling away I don't want to be an obsessive girlfriend,but I keep thinking of him and why he is doing that cause last time he left me and then crawled back to me saying I would never do that again and now he did the same,it's been 5 days no contact,so what I'm suppose to do now and if he comes back should I take him back?
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Sabryna Sabryna | 3 days ago
Calling someone the love of your life at age 20 is an awfully lofty thing. And I have to say that I am guilty of the same. I know that because of what you two have been through, you definitely do have a special bond, but at the same time, there are a few things about this situation that do not sit well with me. Here are the facts that I can deduce from what you described above. It sounds to me like your boyfriend has to go through quite a bit of trouble to keep contact with you. He is still in high school, and hopefully has intentions of graduating soon. But for the mean time, he has to make the choice to either buy you things or talk to you on the phone. Visiting you has not been heavily mentioned in your post. Things sound like they are still on the okay side of maybe, that is until you mention breakups as though they are just a usual thing that just kind of happens. Like you guys break up, then talk it out, then things are fine for a bit. But invariably, he leaves you and comes crawling back. This time there is some mention of a promise that it won't happen again, though it doesn't sound like you are convinced. And you are right to be skeptical. Alright, this is coming from someone who is now in his 30s. Specifically, I have just turned 32. I survived my twenties, which included two major heartbreaks, both of whom I was tempted to call the love of my life. But let me tell you something, right about 21 or 22 years old, what you look for in a partner goes through a shift. Like a change. You pass another one of those milestone years, and it's no accident that after 21, you are considered old enough for pretty much anything. This is also often the time when people will realize how different their priorities might be versus their partners. Your question asks whether you should break up with this guy, but from the sound of it, you are presently broken up, and you are considering taking him back. Though if you were okay with that kind of situation, you would have never posted this question. So, perhaps you are looking for someone, who understands your situation to tell you whether it's a good idea or a bad one. The pros of taking him back are that you still have the guy you call the love of your life, you will not be single, and you have someone who loves you and calls occasionally. The cons of taking him back are that fact, which you almost understate about how he leaves you occasionally. The thought that he could just leave you again, just like that, even though he says he won't do it again. How many times have you heard that one? You will be waiting by the phone, wondering when you will hear from him. You will either get a call now, or an excuse later, when you and I both know that he could easily send you an e-mail, or heck, pick up a pen and paper and write you letters. There is also that whole thing about how distant he has been acting since the last time he left you. A whole week at that. At this point, I want you to look at the paragraph above this one and read my list of pros. add your own if you must, but stay realistic. which paragraph is bigger, not counting the commentary of course? So really, what kind of future do you see in a relationship like this? Let me tell you, just because you feel this way about him and nobody else does not mean there is any kind of destiny, sacred clockwork, fate or any other higher calling going on. You feel this way about him because you two have or at least had enough in common to bond. That bond grew and romantic feelings arose, then you fell in love. So do not feel like if you let this guy go, that you are walking away from your "one big chance". Believe it or not, relationships start to get much more interesting once you are in your twenties. Also, I can say that my thirties have already been way better than my twenties, but that's another story for another time. In conclusion, I will reference an old Norse proverb that says "That which is meant to be will not pass you by". Meaning, if this guy is "the one", if there is such a thing, life will find a way of bringing you two back together. But it is clear that right now is probably not the time for you two to be an item. And that's the best advice I can give.
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Dude, whats is your deal? Read everything back that you wrote. You're obviously depressed and you're taking out on everyone around you. Regardless how you feel about girls and love, if you're friends are happy with their gfs why the hell would you ruin that? It's not love that ruins things, its when ppl like you get so down on themselves they turn their anger onto the world. You say attachments weaken you? Well, without attachments, your nothing but a walking drone, a living corpse. I don't mean to be a dick...actually I kind of do, but c'mon man, its REALLY f**ked up to ruin someone else's happiness just because you're angry/jealous your not as happy. My advice? Stop kidding yourself. I'm serious. Spend some time with yourself and REALLY think about everything you're feeling and thinking. Realize that its understandable if you're depressed...hell, i was depressed from 15-18 but eventually you realize that all that anger and all that hate is just gonna make things worse. Hating love is gonna make you even more alone, and you're gonna end up losing the ppl you still have in your life. By the way, if you like this girl, what the hell does it matter what ppl say. The fact is that in all reality noone knows her situation better than her so let her tell you what really happened. If you don't change, you'll be that bitter ***hole that noone wants to be around.

Nettie Nettie
A long time ago I met what I felt was the most Beautiful girl in the world. I was talking with her younger sisters in their yard when she opened a window above us; I looked up and it was like seeing an angle. We went together off and on for a couple of years and I knew I was totally in love with this girl. One night after we had attended a taco party at a fiends house she started talking about getting married. For some time after that her mother kept implying we should marry. I felt this girl deserved far more than I would ever be able to give her. She was intelligent, beautiful, had a great personality, and her father and step father were quite well to do. I really had nothing growing up in a pretty poor family and I knew I would never be able to afford college. I ended up joining the military in order to sever the relationship. I have missed this woman for years and years - I hope she ended up with someone who has treated her as she deserves; I would have done anything I could for her but I am sure I would have fallen short. I would suggest you do everything you can keeping the future in mind. I have been married a long time and I have kids but there is seldom a night goes by I do not think of her! DOn't let this happen to you! I honestly believe now I should have married her and if I could not keep her happy and provide as I think she deserved then let her go!
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Lunet Lunet
you have raised many questions on your question, i'm going to respond to this you're able to Love fix what life has broken? confident provided this is actual, unconditional love....... the minute hypocrisy, falseness enters into courting it spoils each and every thing, the guy whose spirits have been bring up because of the fact he thought he became into being enjoyed & cared for truly disintegrates whilst he realizes how hypocrite the different man or woman is and how pretend his/her love became into . in case you want an occasion of such actual love study the e book " les miserables " and specifically the passage the place jean vallejan meets the priest who feeds him , supplies him safeguard whilst no person is able to take action, whilst the entire international is hell bent on labeling him as criminal , an animal this priest treats him the way a man or woman could be dealt with and inspite of that jean vallejan robs this very priest, yet this priest forgives all his sins and that's whilst a real replace happens in jean vallejan . Such love , physique of techniques as shown via that priest continually has means to repair what life has broken .
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Kaylee Kaylee
relationships get harder after time goes by. Maybe hes had no contact yet because he couldnt afford it yet...there will be ups and downs...but i think you guys sound like a good couple. i think you should try for longer for him
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I would put love and best wishes. Love always tends to suggest more, lots of love is usually for couples, family etc. Seems she is calling all the shots of when you can and how much to contact her. That seems a bit odd. From your story looks like she likes to control the situation. By the way, in your blurb, it says "I said he could aim for a max 1 month delay, then it changes to "she said we should ,,,,,,,", so who is writing this, the ex girlfriend or the guy??? Just stick to a card, no present. You are not a couple so leave it at that. See if you get one back.

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