Welfare recipients get free cars in mass-what do you think?

Welfare recipients get free cars in mass-what do you think? Topic: Do programming homework for money
June 19, 2019 / By Unity
Question: Not just the car ,all DMV fees ,insurance,repairs and a AAA membership..All you have to do is identify work-translated be able bodied,not actually have a job and live in an area without public transportation.Remember now they're already getting money,food stamps and medicaid, section 8 ,and pay reduced(buy1/2)heat ,gas & electric bills.-what then is the impetus to work? massachusetts.gov Republican state senators(minority) are trying to overturn this but state dems.are blocking them Its costing Mass. tax payers 1/2 million a year its not a bill its a program thats been in existance since 2006
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Best Answers: Welfare recipients get free cars in mass-what do you think?

Sarina Sarina | 10 days ago
Well it is kind of like putting the cart before the horse...Sink money into free cars rather than jobs....We need to get our companies hiring again before we spend money on getting people cars to get to a job..Trillions of dollars going out in spending and Mass is giving away free cars..It kind of makes you wonder where their priorities lie. And for those you who say she is lying or exaggerating I have supplied a link for you...In other words I did your homework for you...How can you come on here and answer a question with out having any knowledge of the latest headlines?
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Norah Norah
If they are actually fit to obtain a job, then they will need some form of transportation to and from the job if they live in out lying areas, except for the fact that the more you hand out the less likely they will actually obtain a job. The key should be that an individual should have a commitment of employment before these steps go into place. Without the standing offer, why would they need a vehicle? and who is actually providing the vehicle? There are charities that provide vehicles to low income individuals, either at low costs or no costs, these are typically older, no longer wanted vehicles that are difficult to sell. So without further information on the program, I cannot make an honest comment if this should be allowed or not. Many of the individual benefits you are talking about are not available for truly able bodied individuals, but rather those with other problems in their lives, such as mental or physical disabilities. I also would want to know for what period of time these benefits are for, once a person has obtained employment, a majority of the benefits stop, which would actually benefit the state in a reduction of payouts. So you see you need to look at both sides of the coin here, not just the initial payout.
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Mabella Mabella
If done properly, it should provide residents a way to get to work. My last girlfriend has trouble finding a job due to lack of transportation. (Public transit, except in a few places in this country is not really an option. If residents have a way to get to work then they can start making money and hopefully get off welfare. Their tax money can then go to help another person get off welfare. This is of course, if it's done right, with lots of checks to make sure people aren't abusing the system.
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Kelleigh Kelleigh
I have not heard this. We have a problem here. I'm in a community where supposedly 60% of the population is on welfare. It looks it. It is downtrodden, boring, and sad. I think the situation here is complicated. We have a legally corrupt state government. Politics is personal in Massachusetts. We have very wealthy people in key areas that are selfish and a bit destructive. We have a great educational system but it's uneven. What's your solution? Kick them off welfare? How much do you think crime would sky rocket? There is always a cost. We need more jobs. MA has lost a ton of jobs. We continue to lose a lot of jobs. We also have jobs that require expensive education that many people cannot afford and possibly aren't prepared for because the educational system is so uneven. In the city in which I live, it's horrible. That's what I hear. You want to change things then we need to invest in education and after school activities targeted towards the poor. They need health care and nutritious foods. You have to get them early. You can't expect their parents to do it because they haven't been doing it and they will not do it. Some of them are extremely stubborn and full of pride. They are very stupid. Seriously. It's not necessarily their fault. They are product of their family and environment. That's why I say - get their kids or the cycle will continue. Some will find a way out but the majority will stay sucked in. You can complain or you can do something.
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Irmalinda Irmalinda
No link to the bill? You also misunderstand about 50% of the programs these magical, mystical, poor people that no one has seen are getting. A half a million dollars isn't going to buy many cars+fees+repairs+tripple A I question the validity of this post. Edit: "its not a bill its a program thats been in existance since 2006" It had to be a bill at some time. What bill is it?!?! The fact that you don't know that, means you haven't read the legislation, that means you don't really know what you are talking about. Try this: 1) Find the 2006 bill that includes this program 2) Read it 3) Come back and post the link 4) Realize you misunderstood it, and should actually read things before you form your opinion about them.
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Elfleda Elfleda
Applicants for cars must have a job or prove they could get one if they had the car in order to qualify. Once they have the wheels, they must send DTA their pay stubs to prove they are employed. To get the cars, they must be unable to reach work by public transportation and have a clean driving record. The program is only available to families on welfare with children.
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Chevonne Chevonne
You left out that they get to KEEP the car without having to work. It seems Gov Patrick can't come up with a better solution which is pretty sad. His plan will keep those on welfare as he gives them no incentive to get off. I don't like his plan and if this is the best he can do and the people re-elect him then they have what is coming to them.
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Ashton Ashton
I don't think the welfare system has is fare at all. There are a lot of able people living on welfare and taking advantage of the system. Most people on welfare eat better and have better health care then me and i worked all my life
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Zubin Zubin
AWESOME Par-taay in the Kennedy Backyard!!!!! How long does one have to be a resident of Mass. before getting this sweet deal? It gets so hot in the summer down here---not like Cape Cod.
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