The end of something that never begun?

The end of something that never begun? Topic: Case sensitive the other half lives movie
June 20, 2019 / By Val
Question: i have a friend well i used to..i dont talk to him anymore but i was curious we have history nothin of a relationship or sex just friendship and the hopefulness of a relationship (on my side) he used to say things like he didnt want a relationship, he wasnt ready for a gf or a wife, but he would also want me to talk to him 24/7, send him kisses over texts, be his best friend, tell me he loves me all the time..its been now 6 years..and i now have a child and he is engaged to a younger person hes known a lot longer then me..i was shocked obviously since he told me he didnt want a gf or a wife but decidedly went for both..i talked to him almost a year ago now about what happened between us in the past and he told me he had made a mistake he regrets not stepping up and being with me when he had the chance..he told me he was to scared to..many people have said thats total bull and he just wasnt that into you..but i dont think so..we all get scared when something serious comes our way..but the woman hes engaged too she remembered me from 2 years ago..i had confessed to her my feelings for him..so she asked him about me and he told her about how i wanted to be with him and that he was just to scared and he regrets not taking the chance etc..and she had to tell him no more because she didnt want to hear it..he also told her that he was scared to be with me because i had full control over him..and told the his fiance she only has half..she is head over heels in love with him i can see that as much..and i know he really does love me..and he loves her..i dont talk to him anymore because i cant handle it, its ruined my relationships with other people and was going to end another if i didnt let him go..so i did and i feel ok i know ill live on..i feel like this is the part of the movie where THE END comes..has it?
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Scholastica Scholastica | 7 days ago
It sounds like you're being pretty sensitive about their feelings because, no matter what you may think of him, you're keeping your distance for her sake, and for his to make it easier for him. You say that you're ok and that you'll 'live on' - are you really ok? You sound hurt, which will only make it jarder for you if it really is the end, but you both have separate lives now, and if you can both be relatively happy without each other then maybe separation is the best thing. It's always hard to finally close the door on something, but in this case it sounds like you want to for their sakes and to save yourself, which to me sounds like the best option and so does make. this 'the end'
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Nydia Nydia
I understand your feeling and situation. But honestly think weather it is THE END or not you should put an end to it. Simply because you're married and he is engaged too. If he really wanted to be with you he would have told you back then or at the very least given some hint or signal when you were getting married asking you to wait for him (which i am sure you would have happily agreed to). You might loose some other relations amidst all this. And it won't be worth it. You would be left with nothing. If it makes you feel better let me tell you that i am in a similar situation. I also think that he still loves me somewhere and has often accepted that he knows that no one loves him as much as i do - not even his parents. But i am married now. and he knew about it all along. Just saying he was scared or worried can't let him escape. He did not have to marry me then and there. but if only i knew he felt the same i would have taken the first step and hadn't gotten into something else. Hope you feel better soon!
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