Is it necessary to give a child his/her own room?

Is it necessary to give a child his/her own room? Topic: Large space case sizes
July 20, 2019 / By Gayelord
Question: Is this amount of space and privacy necessary? Or, if not necessary, would giving a child a room be beneficial him or her? Or does it not matter?
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Best Answers: Is it necessary to give a child his/her own room?

Dexter Dexter | 4 days ago
They do need to have an actual bedroom to sleep in if you are talking about a primary residence. You can't just tell them that the couch is all theirs and then expect that they are going to get used to the TV being on and everyone else in the house walking through the living room at all hours. The size of the room just needs to be large enough to accommodate a bed and allow them to get in and out of it. They also need to have space to store their belongings and have access to a bathroom. Whether or not it is okay for them to share a room depends on your situation. It is generally frowned upon to have children of the opposite sex sharing a room after either of them reaches puberty, and children who are old enough to attend school should not be sharing a room with an adult. Even with young children who share a bedroom with a parent, a separate sleeping space is recommended. When you are dealing with a foster care situation, or applying for government housing, there are actual rules, which are more stringent than the expectations placed on the average family. In cases like that you aren't supposed to have any children of the opposite sex sharing a room, ever, and no child can share a bedroom with an adult.
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Bevan Bevan
It's not necessary as long as the children are the same age and not too far apart in age. At least that's what we used for guidelines on the local Housing Authority (assisted housing) I worked at long ago. As a mother, I'd say it's not necessary but a blessing. If you just can't give them their own room then I'd try to make their area theirs. Otherwise, I give them their own rooms. If not you're most likely looking at a lot more arguments. lol My kids do great in their separate rooms. They can express their own individuality and have some privacy. They did have to share a room for a bit this summer when the a/c went out. I've never been so glad to get them back to their own rooms. lol They're now getting along again. =)
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Abner Abner
I really think it is up to your family and child. In some cultures some families all share the same room. All sleep in the same bed and they grow up just fine. Some people believe in giving a baby their own room from the start. It really is up to you. I really don't think you should allow anyone's opinion influence you on this. You just have to figure out what works for you.
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Skyler Skyler
from the parents or other children? it is not uncommon for children to share a room. generally though if they are of the opposite gender they usually are given their own rooms by the time they are teens. but not so long ago it was not uncommon for that not to happen and even for children and parents to share rooms as well as beds as they were too poor to afford more than one bed and it was warmer to sleep all together. children of the same gender still share rooms their whole childhoods without any harm to their mental health.
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Pleasance Pleasance
Well I think everyone needs their own little place to think or relax plus it gives the child a little independence which is good for the self esteem.
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