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What do you think of this? Topic: Flagging school papers
June 19, 2019 / By Cleve
Question: Okay, so I want to get a tattoo on my ribs of this (http://s144.photobucket.com/albums/r176/... all black and white but the only thing i want in color is the flag. I was thinking of adding the American flag as well. What are your opinions on the American flag part? How much do you think it will cost? I want it about the LENGTH of a regular piece of school paper. Sorry broken link. Hopefully this one works. http://s144.photobucket.com/albums/r176/... Lol the girl is not Italian or Spanish. She's Mexican. She's representing the Mexican race along with the flag. It's obvious.
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Anderson Anderson | 6 days ago
haha i love it! the idea is pretty wicked. the only thing its going to hurt A LOT so i hope you have a high ability to not scream lol it would cost like 300-500 & have to thought about adding the american like a bracelet on her wrist?
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Tottie Tottie
I think your idea of black and white, except for the flag will look nice. However, I think if you add the American Flag it will not only be out of balance, but the female is obviously of Italian or Spanish descent. You may want to rethink the rib area. The rib area is a very painful spot, and with a tattoo that large, it will take several visits due to the pain involved. As far as the cost goes, that would depend alot on how many hours the tattoo actually takes, so I am not able to even guess on that one. Good luck.
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Sabella Sabella
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Nerissa Nerissa
Very Cool! Great Image! I like your idea quite a bit, and think that it will make a dynamite tattoo. Find an experienced and reputable tattoo artist to do this work for you. Do excellent aftercare so that it will turn out great, (I prefer Lubriderm unscented) http://www.luckyfish.com/pages/articles/... Well done, it is truly refreshing to see an original and artistic idea! as far as the cost, you have a complected and detailed work, and you want a good tattooist to do it. It could go for 2 sessions with 2 - 4 weeks in between, pay after each session, if you want to break it up. Line work 1st session and fill in 2nd. Or it could be done in one longer session. You will have to discuss this with your tattooist, but it will be several hundred dollars I think. Don't bargain hunt, it is better to save up than get a cheap tattoo that you will regret. Go for quality. Find your tattooist, only he/she can really give you an estimate. It will be worth it if done well. Tip 15% - 20% also. Time to make an appointment! luck~
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Lucile Lucile
it's going to cost a lot because of all the detail and how big it is. I think it would look better as a back piece rather than the ribs.
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