Any tips for incoming freshmen?

Any tips for incoming freshmen? Topic: Tips for homework help
June 16, 2019 / By Naomi
Question: Ok..so school just let out, and I'm soo freakin' happy i finally got outta mid. school!!! Do any current/former high school students have any tips for my freshmen year?? Im also in the IB (International Baccalaureate) program...so if anybody has any tips on that it would be good too...
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Lorinda Lorinda | 4 days ago
Freshman IB-er here! -Don't procrastinate! I know its super cliche, but its true. I wasn't the best student at all and boy did my grades go down just because of my "study" schedule. Once I learned to do my work on time, everything was a lot easier. -Be nice and make lots of friends. Friends make all those dreadful school days fly. Also, if you're ever absent (try to miss as little school as possible), they can help you with homework. -Don't stress! Freshman year is no big deal. Enjoy it. It's going to be one of the easiest years you'll have it will fly by (trust me). Freshman year is awesome! Try to stay away from drama and negative influences. Get some good study and note taking habits and then everything will be smooth sailing. You have to be ready to make a couple of sacrifices for IB.
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all it means is you gotta cite your sources or where you got the evidence supporting where you stand also if you look at your high school website its bound to have a section all about citing sources in the library section

Katherine Katherine
Join some clubs to get to know some upper classmen and other freshmen you don't know, that'll help you make even more friends :D Take copious notes, work hard, have fun. THey say that high school is either the best or worst four years, so make the most of it!
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Helene Helene
Hey , good question :P i had the same one when i first entered high school. One thing that would really help you in your freshman year is to run for your school/ student council. This really helped me when i first entered my school. Also, join a couple of clubs, like i joined the improve club at my school. It really helps to get to know senior students.Now is the time to make new friends :) Good luck to you :)
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Dulcie Dulcie
hey i'm in the same situation! one things it to try and act confident, but not cocky. A lot of kids are going through the same thing, so try not to worry so much. Try and talk to other kids, invite them to sit with you at luch, etc. Wear what you like. Smile at everyone. Join some clubs or sports. Have fun!!
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