How can I find good goverment jobs online?

How can I find good goverment jobs online? Topic: Usa research jobs
July 17, 2019 / By Goddard
Question: Hi Ive been looking up jobs online because I will be getting out of the Marine Corps in about a year and a half. Ive been on Monster and I cant find anything can someone help me please, Id like to do something exciting, I cant sit behind a desk after being in numerous fire fights. Thank You
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Doyle Doyle | 7 days ago
Fed Jobs are at USA.gov. Also, look at the employment web site for the Federal Courts because they are a seperate thing- www.uscourts.gov/employment.html. Lots of state and local governments list with neo gov- www.neogov.com/. I once thought I wanted to be a police officer, and then ended up in corrections because it looked interesting. But all that negative energy (criminals and unhappy citizens) can get old after a decade or so. If I was going to look at a career path now, I think I would look at fire. Lots of stuff to do- fire suppression, Haz Mat and bomb disposal in some places. The education would be called fire science if you want to research that. Good luck Marine.
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Bret Bret
The only truly legitimate site to find government jobs is the official government Web site: http://www.usajobs.gov Being ex-mil will give you some preference in hiring. Good luck, and Semper Fi!
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Aherin Aherin
There is no denying in what you have outlined in your comments. I thought you might be interested in the way our Prime Minister and Chancellor before that said he would deal with this situation. "We abhor waste and imprudence in public spending" October 2 1995 "New standards of efficiency will have to be met to ensure every penny is well spent" July 14 1998 "The efficiency we seek in the private sector we demand on the public sector" November 15 2001 "There can be no retreat from demanding efficiency and value for money" September 2003 "We must ensure we get value for every pound we spend" November 2008 "We are demanding efficiency savings in the public sector" May 20 2009 See what you are up against?
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1) Causes of the American Revolution Political: The Proclamation of 1763 prohibited the colonists from colonizing the area west of the Appalachian Mountains. This allowed the British government to regulate western movement and conflict with the Native Americans can be avoided. However, the colonists thought differently. They had wanted to expand their territories to the fertile lands of the Native Americans. And then there is the writs of assistance. It allowed custom officers to enter any location to search for smuggled goods. This combined with the Sugar Act (see Economic,) made the colonists feel their rights were being violated as Englishmen. Acts involved the Intolerable Acts and the Tea Act (allowed the company to bypass colonial merchants and sell its tea directly to the shopkeepers for a low price. It also allowed the company to ship the tea to the colonies without paying most of the taxes placed on tea). The Intolerable Acts consisted of the Coercive Acts (prevented any arrival of food or supplies that normally come by ship. It also banned town meetings. It also permitted royal officers to be tried in other colonies or Britain when accused of crimes. Also, it forced Bostonians to shelter soldiers in their homes,) and the Quebec Act (set up a permanent government for Quebec and granted religious freedom to French Catholics. It ignored the colonial claims to the area west of the Appalachians and north of the Ohio River and gave these lands to Quebec). Because these Acts had no benefits to the colonists, they dubbed them the Intolerable Acts. Economic: Several taxes (some ridiculous,) were placed on the colonies. For example: The Stamp Act, 1765, had placed taxes on ALL printed materials. That included playing cards, newspapers, and posters. Other taxes were the Sugar Act (lowered the taxes on molasses, but allowed officers to seize goods from smugglers without going to court), and Townshend Acts (taxed all imported goods: glass, tea, paper, and lead). Social: I will try my best to answer the "Social Section." One act that lead to the American Revolution was that the Boston Tea Party. Because the Tea Act (See Political, paragraph two), on December 16, Samuel Adams and the Boston Sons of Liberty, disguised as Mohawks and armed themselves with hatchets, marched to the wharves. At midnight they boarded three tea ships and threw three hundred forty two chests of tea overboard. Many colonists celebrated at this act of defiance, but the British reacted differently. Parliament passed the Coercive Acts (See Political paragraph three,) to punish the colonists. Before that, there was the Boston Massacre. Colonists staged a protest in Boston toward the customhouse on King Street. They grabbed whatever: stones, sticks, clubs, and shovels. The sentry on duty saw the horde and panicked. He called for support as the crowd rained stones, oyster shells, snowballs, and pieces of wood at the Redcoats. But, one Redcoat was knocked down amidst the confusion and chaos. The reaction was instant, the Redcoats fired. They killed five colonists. After realizing the growing opposition, Parliament repealed all the Townshend Acts (See Economic,) except the one on tea. 2) Unity: (Please specify, I am slightly confused. I will try my best, however, to answer your question.) Individually, the colonists would suffer. Together, they staged a revolution, which inspired many other revolutions world wide, and defeated the British with only a small militia. Also together, the colonial leaders wrote the declaration of independence. 3) Declaration of Independence was written in 1776 at Philadelphia. 4) Weaknesses formed during American revolution government system: 1. There was a strong debate between a federal government and a state government. 2. The government could not control unrest and prevent violence. Mob rule can occur anytime. (Look at Shay's Rebellion.) 3. It could only ask the states for money. The states refused to give money, so the government couldn't pay the war debt or any other debt. 5) Why was Maine admitted along with Missouri? The Southern states wanted to admit Missouri into a slave state, but the Northern States wanted it to be a free state. The debate raged throughout the nation. While this was happening, Maine also applied for statehood. Henry Clay worked out a compromise that kept the balance between North and South. The Missouri Compromise made Missouri a slave state and Maine a free state. The agreement also banned slavery in the remainder of the Louisiana Territory north of the 36 degree30'N parallel 6) spoils system The Spoils system is the "practice of handing out government jobs to supporters; replacing government employees with the winning candidate's supporters." Yahoo answers won't let me make it any longer. Sorry. I will post the last two answers in the comments section when this is finished. I am sincerely sorry.

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