Why is this happening.?

Why is this happening.? Topic: How to write a sincere compliment
June 16, 2019 / By Flint
Question: I teach 11th grade math at highschool, and I don't know why but I'm falling for one of my students named Chelsea. I don't know why I just love the way she carries herself. She was my best student last year, and now she's my teacher's assistant. She's very realiable, helpful, polite, and intelligent. She's beautiful inside and out. Most students I teach are pretty disrespectful and unmotivated. She's always on task. Even though she has a pretty tough life she's very compassionate and warm when my students give me a hard time. It may seem inappropiate but we share alot with eachother,and I can relate to alot of what she's going through at home, and at school.There was a time when I was younger when I was on medication for depression. She is currently going through some of the problems I went through. She has an abusive past, and still struggles withsome internal conflicts. We have similar beliefs and outlooks on life. She's only 17 but she's wise beyond her years. She's very deep and understanding. We have a lot in common. We can talk about everything without awkwardness. I'm 30 years old and I'm also married. I don't know why I feel like I can relate more to my student Chelsea than with my own wife. My wife is loving and compassionate as well. But when my wife compliments me or tries to make me feel better it doesn't lift me up as much as when it comes from Chelsea. Just a smile from her or a simple please or thank you makes makes my day. I don't want my wife to pick up on the feelings I'm having. I'm afraid she might suspect it. Because once at back to school night, I ran into Chelsea when my wife and I were on our way to the car, and I let go of her hand and went over to Chelsea and hugged her, and we started talking. I didn't realize how much I was rambling on about what a great student she is, as if I hadn't seen her in years. I even forgot to introduce my wife to her. She once wrote me a very sweet sincere letter about what a great teacher I am,and how she appreciates me even when most students disrespect me. She always gives me a lot reassurance. And I also comfort her when she's having problems at home. I haven't reported any of the experiences she shared with me. I just let her know I'm there for her, and remind her al the time what a beautiful and great young lady she is. We can talk to eachother in confidence. When she comes into the room, and talks to me, I forget all about how terrible my day has been. When she comes to class early, I'm usually on the phone, but I give the person I'm talking to an excuse to go so I can talk to her. Why am I feeling this way? I'm not a pervert or anything. All I've ever done was hug her or put my arm around her. What do I do? I'm being serious, so please no rude answers. I need advice. Is it wrong to feel this way? Chelsea has told me she loves me
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Darren Darren | 9 days ago
First, I was wondering what on Earth is going on here. But as I started reading, I can tell that you're not a freak, or a crazed teacher in search of companionship. I think that this is probably the sweetest type of love that there is. One that sneaks up on you, when you're definitely not prepared, or looking for it. You can't help the feelings you have. Have you thought that maybe the reason these feelings came about is because there might be something lacking in your marriage? I know it seems crazy, but you should talk to someone who knows you, so they can let you know whether it seems serious, your feelings about Chelsea. hmm, Hang in there. I have a feeling that Chelsea feels the same. Letting your wife know a little, might not be that bad, and it could shed some much needed light on the situation.
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Darren Originally Answered: Why is this happening to me?
Be who you are and follow your dreams and desires in life and don't give up until you get there. Only then will you be happy with your life. You are the only one that knows what will make "You" a happy balanced person.
Darren Originally Answered: Why is this happening to me?
Pray to God constantly whilst attempting, as God is helping folks that support themselves alternatively than those people who are lazy. Lord Krisna stated in Bhagavad Gita, we must convey out our works and resign the fruit of our movement. So we have to hold attempting and discover pleasure in doing our paintings, whether or not or now not we get the preferred outcome. We must now not lose wish. Do your great and go away the relaxation to God,it is going to all come correct a few day or night time.

Babe Babe
control yourself... but make sure you know your limits... remember its work if she is unwilling and under 18
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Babe Originally Answered: What's happening to me?
Your bladder is connected to your kidneys by two tubes called the ureters. The kidneys produce urine by the blood vessels that pass through them in structures called the Loop of Henle, where the tightening blood vessel forces excess water, sugars and other nutrients, uric and lactic acids, salts, dead cells, and other waste products out of your bloodsteam into the kidneys for excretion down the ureters to your bladder and eventual voiding when you urinate. If you are seeing blood when you urinate, if could easily be temporary trauma to your kidneys - which can happen if you get punched or kicked, or if you were hit in a sports game, such as football or dodgeball, or even just roughhousing with friends or siblings. Other reasons for blood in your urine can be a kidney infection or even internal damage to your bladder. Generally speaking, if you are seeing darker, more clotted blood, it is usually from higher up in the urinary tract, while brighter red, fresher blood can be from a tear, abrasion, or scratch from just inside the genitalia meatus, or exterior opening of the urinary tract. In either case if the condition persists more than 24 hours or increases in frequency or amount of blood, you should definitely see a Doctor, as issues with your kidneys can become life-threatening if not treated.
Babe Originally Answered: What's happening to me?
This should have been in the health section, not the mythology section. People here aren't exactly knowledgeable about things like this ;). I think you should tell your parents and ask them to take you to the doctor.

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