Can someone please give me some good Ex boyfriend advice?

Can someone please give me some good Ex boyfriend advice? Topic: How to write a happy birthday on facebook
June 16, 2019 / By Conradine
Question: I had a boyfriend for about 3 months from Brasil. When He left for the winter holiday he told me he did not know if he was to come back or not because he was going to be offered a job there. Before he left he said everything was going to work our and that he would not be able to contact me that much bc he wont be able to be on the internet and cell phone and stuff. I said it was fine. So he left....he got to brasil and sent me a msg saying how much he was glad to be back. A week passed and he didnt contact me. He finally sent me a msg of facebook and said it was better if we stopped talking because he was confused about us, he said he wasnt even sure if he was coming back also, he said i was very special to him. I did not reply to him after that. I'm going to stop here and just say when we were together he had a crazy ex gf in Brasil who I might add is 30 years old, hes 20, im 18... She used to write on our pictures together saying I looked like a witch and stuff... she it nuts!! I am very more mature than her for how young I am. Before he left I asked him if he was going to get back together with her and he said no because she is ready to have kids and what not and he is not. During the winter holidays... I have seen on facebook that him and his ex have pictures together.... His mom has uploaded pictures of all of them saying "the family is growing" its really weird.... I feel used as a human being.... I have not talked to him for a whole month and I have just started college where he is at. I see his friends all over campus and they ask me all the time if I am excited that he is coming back. There is no worse pain I have ever felt...there is honeslty no closure betwween us ...I have no idea what happened. He literally left me here and lied to me..I did not even know he was coming back. I recently saw him the other day on campus & he acted as if everything is fine. I honest to god hate him and want nothing to do with him but there is something inside of me that wants to know why he did what he did...I just want the closure to be there. When I saw him he sent me a message on facebook after saying "good to see you :)" and i just said "lol you are something else" and he said "what do you mean?" I didnt reply today was his birthday so I said happy birthday jus tto show i was a better person and he said thank you but then he asked again what I meant by it.. Should I really just leave it or should I ask him what the hell happened between us?? It's such a confused and messed up situation...Ive never been so confused/upset/hurt in my life. If i never find out what happened I will never know....
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Bertha Bertha | 10 days ago
never ask a man why? if someone screws u over, IT DOES NOT MATTER WHY! All that matters is that it was done, and he is not mature enough, man enough or care about u enuf to address it. Nothing can be accomplished by KNOWING WHY? WHY? because he is an ***. Simple , Move on , BAD KARMA for him. U already took the high road on the outside now take in inward and say "I deserved better" and move on. Not easY, but u can do it IF u want to.
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Bertha Originally Answered: Is it a good idea to give my ex boyfriend a photo album?
i think you are just prolonging your agony, u said dat u still love him maybe deep inside u ders still hope for a reconciliation.. u better make it formal, if u really want him to leave u alone then talk to him personally instead of giving an album with a goodbye letter. with that both party can speak up and explain each oders side well. you have to accept the fact that sometimes love isnt enough to stay in a relationship specially so if u are taken for granted. at first its very hard, but if u get used to it, everything will follow. make urself busy doing other things, u have to love urself before loving other. always pray. goodluck
Bertha Originally Answered: Is it a good idea to give my ex boyfriend a photo album?
I think that you should totally do it. If you love him, and he loves you, then you two should be together. Playing with stupid games...w/ other girl is bad. By right, you shouldn't love him anymore. But you must think about it. Do you give him enough concern, do you stand by his side when he is down? Do you spend time with him although you are busy. Probably he is feeling lonely and needs some company. I think that if you give him a photo album, it may make him remember the good times you had. As long as you and him pay more attention to each other, I believe that love will blossom in you and him.

Affrikah Affrikah
Wow, that's hard to deal with.. I honestly would let him go... He sounds like yes he has seen someone else and didn't have the guts to tell you the whole truth.. You have every reason to be upset, you really loved him it sounds like.. You have done pretty good to deal with things the way you have so far.. Don't give in..... You haven't done anything wrong and the trust i feel has been broken between you both and that never really goes away.. Im sorry.. Move on you can do much better.. Im a guy and i'll admit it seems really well, not right how he has handled things.
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Thorley Thorley
Honestly, he doesnt sound like hes worth the time to think about. He's been pretty direct with you saying that you guys shouldnt talk anymore. I delete him from your fb or block his messages..whatever you need to do to move on and stop thinking about him. Sounds like fb is the biggest thing keeping you informed of his actions. He isnt ready to settle down and or have a relationship with you or maybe anyone. There are really good guys out there that will pursue you. My number one rule is I don't chase guys..they know when you are and its a big turn off for them. Not saying be a B but just dont go out of your way to make plans with them ..they should be trying to make plans with you. Just get some hobbies and do stuff you like and you will meet another guy that will want to be around you. Be strong and remember your worth.
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Thorley Originally Answered: Is This Poem Good? Please give advice too?
Last stanza, take "waiting for you" one line down, so the last stanza then would have 5 lines. I don't think "Who is waiting, waiting for you" should be on one line. It's a poem of sorrow. I want to hear a bit more of it maybe. I like simple short poems though, and I like the message and the tone of the poem. You take waiting by the phone (this simple stance) and write a poem of rejection so easily. It's pretty spectacular in its simplicity. No matter though, I think you could expand it on how YOU feel maybe, use a lot of imagery and similes (not like "I feel rejected, sad, etc.) say like "I feel like a lonely sparrow" or "Themed in black, I stand here in lack" etc. But the poem is implicit on how you feel, so I guess I mean just expand more. Just a suggestion! BTW, I loved the every hair on her head, it's that kind of external explanation and imagery I love in poetry.

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