Highschool kids, can you give me advice on what brandnames of school bag ect, to buy my child starting yr 7?

Highschool kids, can you give me advice on what brandnames of school bag ect, to buy my child starting yr 7? Topic: School papers for kids
June 26, 2019 / By Mollie
Question: she will be starting highschool this year [shes 12] , its a public school so i can buy any brand bag, school shoes, runners, ect, what brands are cool for highschool, do they use lunchboxes still?, or paper bags? any tips will be great, ive no idea, thanks!
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Best Answers: Highschool kids, can you give me advice on what brandnames of school bag ect, to buy my child starting yr 7?

Linnette Linnette | 6 days ago
I wouldn't be too concerned about what is 'cool" and so forth, just take her along with you and let her choose what she thinks is 'cool". The definition of what is trendy varies from kid to kid, going by their individual tastes. She has ideas on what she likes I'm sure, so it's a good chance to let her make the decisions. I still had lunch boxes in high school, replaced the kiddy ones though, lol, with more "mature" styles. At least lunch boxes are insulated, much safer in the heat. Lots of luck to Casey for this year! I hope she settles in well.
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Kalisha Kalisha
paper bags :)or money because in some schools you can go out to lunch or if the hot lunch is good at the school you can just buy lunch there.but dont buy a plastic lunch box or any of those type things. for a backpack a tote is cool..kinda like a purse so she can put in a bunch of things like binder books pencils hair stuff makeup whatever..if you dont know what a tote is i'll put a link so you can see:) ..backpacks are ok..but messenger bags are better..most people just stick with totes though because they have cute patterns and its easy to bring with you to class..you dont even need to use your locker just bring everything in the tote... and for places to shop i'd say *american eagle *macys *pacsun *victoria secret dont go to jcpenny or walmart for clothes..she will be made fun of..school supplys like pencils are fine though... um target is ok for clothes..not really name brand but still cute. if she has any friends than they should go shopping together to see what her friends are getting that way you'll kinda have an idea of whats "cool"
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Hadley Hadley
do you know a shop called primark? they have quite a few fashionable big shoulder bags that carry quite a lot of stuff. in highschool you go to the canteen or go down to the shops if the school allow that. if they have a non school uniform she should wear any shoes she wants , but if she has to wear black shoes then get her black trainers or black pumps. Also in the uk we have a shop called jane norman they do a few nice bags. also if your daughter has to wear a tie i would reccomend not making her put it right up to her neck cause that is very uncool!! Iam in highschool so i know what it is like! Hope this helps
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Dlila Dlila
Paper Bags. Definitely. Brands for Back packs: Jansport, Roots Totes are another option you might want to try. Some cool brands for totes are: American Eagle Hollister Abercrombie & Fitch Abercrombie Aeropostale TNA Lulu Lemon
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