I'm almost starting high school?

I'm almost starting high school? Topic: School without homework
July 20, 2019 / By Abiram
Question: can i take 8 classes a day? what classes do i need to take in order to pass high school?(like 4 english classes,ect) does college look at my GPA in middle school? whats the highest score to get in the SAT/ACT test? should i take both? i don't know what career to follow help!? can u give me tips for school so i can balance it? help me get A's? i want to go to some of the world best colleges like harvard, how do i get accepted? thx! and i put it here because more will answer sorry for asking so may question, but college is very important to me and this year in 8th grade i'm doing my best!(i get A's and B's and a C in PE, but i'm trying to get it too a B) can i take more classes? if i can, can i like take 2 english class one year so then i only need 2 more?
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Sissy Sissy | 2 days ago
Slow down! You're in 8th grade--there's no rush to do anything. High school is a time to explore. There are recommendations on what courses you should take, but they usually vary depending on what you are interested in. And as you progress through HS, you'll discover more about what you like/dislike. The actual courses you must take and pass to graduate are set by your state and your school. Make an appointment with your guidance counselor (the middle school ones usually have a contact in high school that they bring in to talk to you at the end of the year). They should be able to provide you with a list of courses offered by your high school that you can take to fulfil your requirements. Generally, schools look for: -4 years of English -At least 3 years of math. I strongly recommend going the extra fourth year -2 years of science, with one being a lab course. My recommendation is to stick with the three basic sciences: biology, chemistry, and physics. They are the most useful and sought after. -At least 3 years of history, one of which must be world/European history (sadly, these are one and the same in this country) and one of which must be American history -Some arts or sci-tech electives. These are the fun courses that can help you figure out what you are interested in. Painting, computer science, woodshop, poetry, and cooking are some courses offered at my HS. -Recommended often but not required: two years of a foreign language. I recommend taking the full four years. It's a skill employers love. Your middle school GPA never shows up on college transcripts, but your middle school GPA can affect what courses you get into in HS. Your school may offer honors level or Advance Placement classes for more advanced students. Don't worry too much if you aren't recommended for them--I've seen students who have gone behind their teacher's recommendation into honors courses, and it's been a disaster. You are better off sticking to something that challenges you without making you a slave to homework. You probably can take 8 classes a day in HS (again, your school counselor will likely help the most here). Remember that you'll be sick of school without some clubs or sports or volunteering to keep your mind off of it. People will try to tell you that you must do at least one in each extracurricular activity in order to look good, but it's stupid just to do things to pad an application. If you are good at a multitude of things, do them; if not, do the one thing you enjoy. Just be sure to do something, because I find if you keep yourself busy outside of school, that's when your grades are the best because you don't procrastinate as much. Use a planner or find a system that helps remind you of deadlines and can keep your papers organized. The highest score in the SAT is a 2400. The highest in the ACT is a 36. You don't need both--just take what's offered in your area. It's way too early for you to stress out about an exam that honestly doesn't tell you too much about how smart you are or how you solve problems. And please don't think that you have to get into Harvard to get a good education. State schools have a lot to offer, and there are literally 100s of private colleges all throughout the country. Just because a college has a great name doesn't mean it has the things you want in it. Believe me, I was offered admission to those very colleges you were thinking about, and I turned them down. Why? Because they just weren't the right fit. I'm giving you this information to provide you with knowledge that sets your mind at ease. As a 13-14 year old, though, you need to focus on understanding who you are. Once you've done that, the rest is easy. :)
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Sissy Originally Answered: Starting high school! help?
High school is a pretty big change, but its not too bad :D Freshman year is still pretty chill, just watch out for the seniors ;} Don't worry about not making friends, most people are in a class with only a couple of their friends anyways. lol, its really not that bad. (don't watch too much t.v. or read too much books) If you want you can join a sport or club, that usually lets you meet lots of people to hang out with. Don't be weird or mean (self-explanatory) As long as your semi-normal you should be able to find a group you feel comfortable with. Listen during class (it really helps) and do your homework, nothing is really that hard High schools only as fun as you make it :D Good luck!

Phrona Phrona
Wow, lots of questions, and that's ok. I'll try to get them all. 8 Classes: that depends on your high school. My high school had a 7-class schedule. Alot of these questions would be better answered by a guidance counselor from your school. Make an appt as soon as you get into high school to make your 4-year plan. This also goes for the classes you need to take. It can depend on what state you live in and what college you want to go to. GPA: Yes, colleges look at GPA (for high school only), but they also look at SAT/ACT scores, after-school activities, the classes you took-even your family status. They are evaluating you as a person. SAT/ACT: it's been a while since I took them, but I think the SAT top score is 1600 and the ACT is 36. You can take both, but I'd just take one. Look into which test the college you want to go to perfers. Career: CALM DOWN! you're what, 13? You have a long time to figure it out. Balance: this is also something you want to talk about with a guidance counselor. Without knowing the classes available, I can't help you. A's: study, work hard, get help if you don't understand. Harvard: again, colleges look at you as a PERSON, not really as a number (that's why it takes so long to get your acceptance letter!). Yes, GPA and classes do count, but so do after school activities, involvement in the community, family status, even race or religion. They want to make their college as diverse as possible, that's the only way you are going to get a good, well rounded college education.
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Marybeth Marybeth
As for the amount of classes you can take and which ones you need to graduate your school should have explained to you already. It varies from district to district. Middle school grades aren't that big of a deal to college, it's all about how you do in high school. Some people take both the SAT and the ACT and use their best score on applications. You don't really need to narrow down a career to much yet. Think about what you like to do, your hobbies, skills, etc. For example I want to be a lawyer because I am good at debating and doing research. Colleges like Harvard have very strict requirements. You are going to need to be in ATLEAST the top 5% of your class and have plenty of extra curriculars. If you can take one of their summer classes after your senior year. Summer classes are the hardest and if you can prove that you can handle those you have a better chance of being accepted later on. Hope this helped!
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Lana Lana
First of all, breathe. You're only what? 12, 13? I just say enjoy what you're doing now because high school is nothing like middle school, especially if you enroll in honors and AP classes. As for some answers for some of your questions: Can I take 8 classes a day? Most likely no, but I don't know what kind of high school you will go to. What classes do I need to take in order to pass high school? 4 English, 4 Social Studies, 3 Math, 3 Sciences Does college look at my GPA in middle school? No. They usually start looking at either your records for 9th or 10th grade. Junior year is a really important year. Remember to just study, enjoy school, do extra-curricular activities, go to school dances, go to school events, and just think positive. :D
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Jera Jera
ok well im a freshmen so yeah i was going through the same thing. i only take 7 classes a day. you have to have 4 englishes, 4 maths, not sure about science and history. no colleges only look at your high school career so start off good. goin lots of clubs and run for class officers that really helps. dont worry if you take the class edu. for career it will really help you find your career. not sure if you school has that class or not buy mine does. to get A's you just have to study every night. but just have fun high school is great.
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Jera Originally Answered: Starting high school?
I totally know how you feel. Starting a new school can be rough. Freshman year was pretty good. The things that will really make a difference are simple. 1. Don't be afraid to ask questions. If you need help finding a class or with homework, it's better to ask than to wander around lost. 2. Take chances. Since you're in band, you'll have lots of chances to try out for special groups, solos, etc. Don't let the fact that you THINK you can't do it stop you from trying. Even if you don't make it, you'll have the experience and it'll build you're self-confidence. 3. Look for other shy or lonely people. There are lots of different people in high school. Meet as many as you can. You don't have to best friends with all of them (and you probably won't) but at least you'll have someone to sit with at lunch or work on a project with. 4. Don't overwhelm yourself. If you don't think you can handle a class, get out of it now, but don't use that as an excuse to not challenge yourself. Try as many things as you can, and don't take easy classes just so you can get an 'A.' 5. Take it seriously, but don't stress out about it. Have fun. Don't spend so much time worrying about it. Worry takes the fun out of everything. You'll be fine. If you're a straight A student now, you probably will be in high school.

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