Help! i've had tonsillitis 3 times! what to do?

Help! i've had tonsillitis 3 times! what to do? Topic: Can do approach to problem solving
July 18, 2019 / By Jona
Question: ive had tonsillitis 3 times in less then 2mths. i've gone to the hospital all 3 times and they haven't done nothing for it but give me antibiotics. is there something i can do to get this to go away!? i had Medicaid and as soon as i lost it, it seems like the doctors do less for me because i cant pay them. my throat looks so bad...my symptoms are: white pus spots swollen glands badly swollen!! fever everytime up to 104.8 shakes badly and of course alooooot of pain in my body and throat! what can i do since no doctor is doing anything about it and the antibiotics isn't helping any!?!? if anyone ever has tonsillitis do not use those throat sprays!!! it makes the fever worse and does not help the throat get any better!
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Best Answers: Help! i've had tonsillitis 3 times! what to do?

Haggi Haggi | 9 days ago
Hi Sarah, I am so sorry about your miserable health issue. I spent many years going through it myself. Inflammation [rawness] of the tonsils, and fever, is the sign of an infection; that is the reason they treat with antibiotics. There are many different bacteria or viruses which can cause this infection, and some will not be killed off by some antibiotics, so it is necessary for the Docs to use the right one!!!!! Obviously, they have not used the right one, or a strong enough dosage of the right one. More important than the suffering which you experience, is the fever of 104.8. This is approaching the dangerous area. You need to return to the hospital everytime an antibiotic fails to solve the problem. Keep a record of the antibiotics, or better yet, all the empty bottles [with ID label] to show them what has NOT WORKED. Keep returning and pressing them until they find the right antibiotic, or the proper dose. I went through exactly what you describe for years, except with me, the infection would spread to my sinuses and Eustachian Tubes [to my Ears], and to my Bronchial Tubes to my lungs. Finally at the age of 22 the Docs said that the only way to stop the problem would be to remove my tonsils. It did stop the Tonsillitis, but did not stop the Sinus, Eustachian Tube, and the URI [Upper Respiratory Infection]. The failure of the antibiotics to kill whatever is causing the infections suggests that the Docs aren't using the Right antibiotic. As for what you can do yourself, I suggest: 1. Frequent gargling with warm salt water [about one teaspoon of salt dissolved in a glass of very warm [NOT hot] water. This will soothe the inflamed tissue, and helps somewhat to control the extent of infection. 2. Frequently brush your teeth using a good toothpaste. This will help to limit the size of the colony of critters causing the infection, and thus reduce the inflamation and the pain. 3. In between, suck on a small chunks of ice, also to help soothe the inflamed tissues. 4. Do all possible to boost your immune system. a. Eat as healthy a diet as you possibly can. b. Take a daily Multivitamin supplement. c. Get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. d. If possible, rest and/or take naps during the day. In effect, get as much rest as possible. 5. Try to limit coughing as much as possible as this tends to irritate the inflamed tissues.
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Eason Eason
Other than having your tonsils removed there is nothing else to do but take antibiotics. Your tonsils are there to help fight infections. When they are swollen, it is because of infection in your body. For twenty years I had suffered with this problem. Some of the things that help is to gargle with salt water. Since you have had this medical condition three times I would suggest changing some of your daily habits. For instance, do you wash your hair before going out. If so, don't. Do it before bedtime. Keep your throat wrapped up from exposure to the cold and keep your head covered and your feet from being wet. Start eating yogart since it is a probiotic. Make sure you are taking all the antibiotics as prescribed. I hope this helps.
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