I always feel the pressure to be perfect, to the point where I give up? (16 Year-old girl)?

I always feel the pressure to be perfect, to the point where I give up? (16 Year-old girl)? Topic: My homework planner sign up
June 26, 2019 / By Alvar
Question: Okay, Hi. I just wanted some advice on how I could take care of this? I'm a 16 year old girl, and lately I just feel so much pressure to be perfect. I'm nnot ugly, I know that. I am short, with small boobs, and a nice butt. Blonde long hair to my lower back and green eyes, weighing 114 lbs. But I'm not beautiful. Im slightly above average in my mind (although, people state otherwise) I always feel the need to look the prettiest I can. This means dressing nice, keeping my nails done, hair straightened, makeup done, skin clear etc. I feel the need to balance my friendships,boyfriend, family and school work greatly. which is hard because I also feel the pressure to be perfect with my grades. I;m a straight A student. But im not smart, I just work extremly hard for my grades. I feel pressure to eat healthy and exersise, drink many water bottles a day and get the right amount of sleep. After doing all this in a day, I have no time for me. Being a teenager is hard. Lately I feel so much pressure to be perfect I stop caring. I wont do my math homework, or i wont paint my nails, ill go to school with y hair up and in sweatpants and it makes me feel ugly. How would you suggest I go about this "Pressure to be perfect" issue?
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Thelma Thelma | 2 days ago
WOW..Your situation really grabbed me.. and here is the reason why... BECAUSE all adults with any good fibre in them get really excited by young people that display winning attributes AND you display plenty... I hope i do you justice here.... I read your statement twice just to make sure i had it right.. PRESSURE really sucks huh..!!!! Yes it really does and of course it makes us feel tired and worn-out and makes us question why life has to be so difficult BUT i have some very good news for you... You really are doing very well... I am impressed that you have learned to be better than your self proclamied "average looks" and you have achieved the status of a "straight A" student through hard work..... You have all the makings of a girl that can be anything she wants....AND it is obvious you want to feel happiness and success in life... WELL you are truly on the right road.. BUT you have presented a problem to us.... You are being weighed down by the pressure of getting that success... BUT that is only because you have not learned how to handle it... Once you do that, it will become easier to handle and life will be wonderful for you... AND here is the main reason- BECAUSE you will have achieved things that will improve your life... Consider this for a moment... the people that are not achieveing the things you are, are also under pressure BUT they have to deal with being failures... Your pressure is dealing with being successful... Which one do you think is better.... AND that is your first big thing to learn about all this.... EVERYTHING is a perception of thinking... Once you learn how to cope in your mind everything will just fall into place... YOU REALLY ARE ON THE RIGHT ROAD..so please do not get off that road and be destructive to yourself after you have done so well.... One thing i would have liked to know...Is that pressure you feel being placed on you by your parents or is it self expectation..?? I am guessing it is a little of both BUT either way it does not matter... SO what to do....?? You need to find a mentor.... It really does work.. I suggest a teacher or aunty/uncle or someone else that you consider safe BUT make sure you are careful choosing the right one.. A person in that role will really help you find your feet... BUT you have to choose that person with the same care you do your hair and your nails because you will be letting that person handle a difficult stage of your life where you are looking for balance... I am so impressed you came here to get help.. That is the first sign that you can be helped because you asked for it... I really struggled at school because i was given no good direction. My mum was wonderful but i needed something more... I was falling behind in my grades. I was in the bottom of 3 classes in my age group... Not because i was dumb but because i just needed to find that right road... Luck played a little hand and i moved schools.. There was a teacher that really liked me and offered to help me. He changed everything for me. I went on and got straight A's ..I ended up about the middle of the top class... I rose 80 postitions in my grades... Why did he do that??? Maybe he saw potential... I see you way better than me because you are doing it for yourself BUTyou just need a little help.. Go find it... You will not regret that decision... One more thing to mention....POSITIVE thinking and positive influences... The people who make a success of their lives surround themselves with positive balanced people and friends... This is such an important stage of your life because you are vulnerable... Now is the time to choose wisely your friends and the paths you will walk... I really am impressed with your attitudes.. You are a thinker and a planner.. Your next moves are right there in front of you... Do not be mis-led by the wrong situations.. I believe in you...I really do... Good Luck
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Thelma Originally Answered: What is the perfect teenage girl's diet?
Well im a 16 year old girl and i just got out of the hospital so eating healthy is super important for me right now and what i do is every day is take a multi vitamin, fish oil pill, emergen C (a vitamin C powder you put in water) and sometimes i drink a joint juice. usually throughout the day i just eat a lot of carbohydrates and protein and i eat at least 3000 calories a day. im on a weight gain and muscle gain type diet though. but the vitamins and joint juice and emergen c like really help me out a lot. i really suggest you at least take a multi vitamin every day. the fish oil pills help your heart and thins out your blood so you have better circulation, the emergen C helps out your immune system and the joint juice lubricates your joints (people think its for old people but a lot of people on the track team at my school drink it) and for fitness, you should do something like better than walking to school. track, dance, weight training, anything. its hard and it sucks, but when you have a hot bod, its all worth it.

Rosannah Rosannah
I know this post was over a couple years ago but still I feel I need to comment on it. You sound like an amazing person, trying to do what is best. Don't get me wrong. Making time for friends, family, and school as well as dolling up feels good and is good. What is shows is that you actively care about your life. I'm going to tell you something though that hopefully brings great relief: you don't have to be perfect. Repeat: you don't have to be perfect. More importantly and honestly, you're not. No one is. And the people who appear like they are are the ones putting every bit of time and effort to make it look that way. Why do you have to get straight A's? Why do you have to have the amazing nails and hair? It sounds like you are wavering between extremes, getting straight A's and then not caring about school, wearing nice clothes to wearing sweats. What if you tried being in the middle? Wear your hair in a ponytail once in a while. Here's the hard truth: you only have one life to live and frankly eighty years actually is pretty short. Do you want to spend it trying to be perfect? Or do you want to spend it doing what you love? Hopefully you have realized this since then and if not, hope this gives you insight. I have been in your shoes time and time again and when the need to be perfect starts to build I ask myself those questions. Anyways, hope this helps.
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Mould Mould
Why? Why is that people with bad habits like me want to get into good habits and fail terribly while you are trying to get rid of a good thing? There is no such thing as 'there is no time for me' there is no time for anything, you have to make time. I can see you want good grades and to have fun at the same time and be like everyone else. You need to prioritize **** to what is the most important and do that first, that way you save time and don't spend time wasting it on **** you don't need to do. Working hard now and being in that habit is really easy to get out of, yet near impossible to get back in. Why do you think lazy people say ' I am going to be the best student and get the eat grades this term" after 2 weeks they say **** that **** and go back to their old ways of procastination and become even worse because they go too hard on themselves. I don't think I even make sense but it's fine :P just stay like you are but relax :P please answer my questions on my account
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Lizzy Lizzy
A big helpful tip would be to get a planner. Dont obsess over what you have to do today tommorow or the next week. Try and go with the flow more. Once you relax, you start to gain confidence and dont go to the brink of insanity tryin to have everything perfect.
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