How can I get this guy to be my Boy Friend?

How can I get this guy to be my Boy Friend? Topic: Short essay on my best friend
July 20, 2019 / By Ellery
Question: There is this guy in college,he is not much to look at ,but is a really nice person. The problem is he is very shyyyy, I always try to talk to him and carry on some kind of conversation,but he just gives me a short and straight answer and ends the conversation. He doesn't talk to any girls,most of the time I see his friends tease him,with their girl friends.Which is VERY RUDE. I am one of the popular girls on college,so I think that he thinks that I am out of his league. He helps me a lot with my school work,but its just formal help and behavior. I started to like him when I read his essays and the songs he wrote.His essays will touch anyones heart and some of his songs are very romantic and have a lot of meaning while most of the others are very depressing. Another reason I like him because of his voice is so soothing and romantic when sings and plays his box guitar,of course I have to bother him to make him sing and he only does it in an empty room,lol. How can I understand his feelings and get to know him better ?? From the information I got from his friends,they say that he has a lot of family problems and is a very closed quiet type which likes to bottle his feelings inside, I also heard he SMOKES,but once his my bf I am sure I can cure that habit NO, HE IS NOT GAY !!,,,,,,,,JERK And I think he likes me,because every time I talk with other guys I see his face burning up with jealousy but he tries his best to hide it and act cool...........
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Chris Chris | 5 days ago
Put it this way, if you were not very attractive.. and one of the hottest guys in school came up to you and asked you out. It would make your day wouldn't it. I'll be honest, I'm probably not the best looking, not the worst, but not th best either. Self esteem is a problem. If you do not feel great and pretty. Then it is really hard to push yourself to let go and have fun. Back to me being honest. I am little overweight, tho I am doing something about, it is hard to go out with friends, possibly get myself a girlfriend.. where you feel bad about yourself. I feel that my self confidence has affected my social skills which at one time were at an all time high. I think this is what is happening with this guy. He feels he does not deserve you... Just ask him. Make his day!
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Chris Originally Answered: What would you do if your best friend did this to you?
No, don;t be mad. Accept it gracefully then throw it away if necessary or regift. Also, use the stationary to write back to her at the very least and she'll feel like you are enjoying stuff. finshaggy.blogspot.com

Ambie Ambie
As a normally shy guy i think i know the best way you can go about making this guy your boyfriend. What i would have liked girls to do is be straight forward. Don't make him think you like him, make him know. I don't know how you could do that, but i think you could. Songs or poems are the closest thing to explaining ones self so write him something. Or tell him you want to try something he does and drop hints while doing that activity. Do more fun stuff then just school. I have helped out plenty of girls with their work and it just made me feel used. So if you could do other stuff like whatever, be it a sport or just a walk. He could warm up a bit more.
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Tiffiny Tiffiny
Relationships and friendships are best built upon honesty and trust. Let him know you find him interesting. Ask him questions about himself. What he likes or dislikes. No one likes to be pressured and I am sure you don't either. The best way to make a friend is being one. Invite him for tea or coffee or a walk. Remember some people are very outgoing and some aren't and it doesn't make them a bad person.
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Rowena Rowena
Find out if he is gay first. If hes not then ask him out on a date, just the 2 of you so he wont feel overwhelmed by your friends. Theres nothing wrong with him being GAY if he is, just that some women cant pick up on that. And if he smokes you wont be the cure for that either.
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Rowena Originally Answered: How do I tell my best friend I like him? HELP?
Well, IM is not a great idea so cross that off the list. In person is your best bet. You sit with him at lunch? Tell him at lunch. Or after school. Ask him to take a walk and talk about it. I think that would be cute, :] If you have a certain place that you hang out a lot you can go there too. Just find somewhere where you can be comfortable and that there aren't people everywhere. And then once you find your spot just tell him! Tell him you've been friends for a long time and you are developing some really great feelings for him and that you want to know how he feels. Just tell him how you feel! Simple as that! Good Luck! :]]

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