What spiritual advice would you give a man who lost complete control of his household?

What spiritual advice would you give a man who lost complete control of his household? Topic: The sisters of mercy more live life
July 17, 2019 / By Blondie
Question: I'm a 52 year old man and my life is pure hell right now. I should be happy considering that very soon I'm going to be a dad for the first time. I'm over 50 and I never dreamed I'd be a father someday but my wife Marie is 12 years my junior and she'll be giving birth to twins soon. I've been married to Marie for 3 years and we've been together for a total of 4 years. She has a 16 year old son named Nick by her first husband. I understand that Nick is still upset about his mom divorcing his dad but I've been beating my brains out trying to get him to like me. Two years ago, unfortunately, my younger and only sister died of leukemia. My sister only had one child, her daughter Brittney. Brittney is 17 years old and her father was never in her life. My parents are dead. I have no other siblings besides Brittney's mother. Therefore, Brittney had to leave West Virginia and move to Connecticut with us. My wife never opened up to Brittney, in fact, she's been acting extremely jealous of the fact that I had to divide my attention between her and my niece. Marie was not being a warm welcome. So, I had to go out my way to comfort my niece being that she lost her mother and had to move to a new state. To make matters worse, my stepson Nick has been ogling Brittney since she first moved in. Also, there's been plenty of occasions that I had to tell him to stop walking around the house wearing nothing but his boxers. Being that my niece is living with us, I thought that was inappropriate. But Nick tells me to go to hell or f*ck you or you're not my dad. Marie does NOTHING to correct her son's rudeness and I'm sick of it. To make matters worse, last week, what I've been fearing the worst is actually happening. My niece told us that she is pregnant. She and Nick has been having sex in our house. Marie is furious, she blames Brittney and pretends that Nick is all perfect and innocent. Marie's words "If you don't get your little tramp niece out of my house, I'm filing for divorce" I understand that my wife is hormonal due to her own pregnancy and then having to deal with being a grandmother soon after. But I can't take this anymore. I'm disappointed in both my niece and my stepson. How can I deal with all of this? I can't even pray about it? I grew up in a Christian household and I always hated how my religious traditional father ruled my mother, me and my sister with an iron fist. Is THAT what I have to resort to?
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Aislin Aislin | 7 days ago
Lord have mercy! I can't believe you have to deal with all of that nonsense in your house. Yes. YOUR house! You need to MAN UP and put your wife and your stepson in their place. You did the right thing by taking care of your niece. I am terribly sorry about your sister; may God rest her soul. Your niece is obviously lost and afraid. Her mother passed away, she moved from one state to another, your wife is treating her like crap and now she's pregnant with your stepson's baby. My Lord sweet Jesus! What a mess! I don't mean to judge you; in fact, it is NOT your fault that your wife is acting selfish. It is NOT your fault that your stepson is being disrespectful. And it is definitely NOT your fault that the two CHILDREN you and your wife provide for under your roof decided to have unprotected sex. Your niece needs you now more than ever. Make her get a job once the baby is born. Tell your wife to stop blaming your niece for everything and be a supportive grandmother to her son's unborn child. The stepson should also get a job. He may be 16 but he needs to be a man now. If he felt as though he was ready to lie down in the bed and have sex then he BETTER be ready to take care of his damn child! As punishment for their irresponsible actions, you should also give them babysitting duties for the twins that your wife is expecting. If they want to act grown then they need to do the right thing. That's the bottom line! God bless; I will be praying for you and your family.
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Sit down and do some soul searching - you need to figure out what lead you to do this so that you can make sure it doesn't happen again. Were you tired? Lonely? or eating out of some other emotion? If so, then work on a plan for what you'll do next time instead of reaching for food out of comfort. Is your diet perhaps too restrictive? If you've been trying to starve yourself, this is in fact your body's normal reaction to starvation - it will do everything in it's power to make you reach for more calories to preserve itself. If this may be the case, take a look at your diet plan to make sure you're not cutting out too many calories, nor haven't left any room for treats. Were you put in a situation where there's too much temptation? If so, then do everything you can to plan ahead to avoid temptation - for example, did you have all this food in your house? If so, get rid of it. Did you meet friends at a restaurant where they served dessert that you couldn't resist (and it was all down hill from there)? If so, take your friend somewhere else.

Tracy Tracy
Let me correct you on one point first. I think my walk as a Christian is in direct response from a woman. My Wife. I knew The lord Jesus Christ was my savior but without her my faith would be as hollow as a dead tree stump. It was a hopeless cause until she redirected me back to GOD. I find my wife has been my best friend and that i can talk to her when oyther people tend to have me confine my words of GOD and Jesus Christ. I know that I should bond more with men but i find often when talking to other men the topic tends to sway away from the lord and into sports and work or something other than the praise at hand or discussion on the bible. Yes, I find that men are less likely to be Spiritual companions but i can't help wonder if that is not the same case with women as well. Is todays church more of a social setting to get together for gossip, and setting agendas for the rest of the week and less about worship anymore.
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Redd Redd
Unfortunately it sounds like you might have to break out some iron fist young grasshopper. Let them know that you aren't putting up with any more b.s. - and that either everybody shapes up, or some serious changes are going to be made. Tell them that if someone has a problem with that, then they can take it up with you - but to be warned that you aren't f'ing around anymore.
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Mattithiah Mattithiah
i hope all your problemss get bettterr buht the best thing i suggest yuh do is too talk to someonee about it and wait tuh see if things changee after thee baby is born
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Mattithiah Originally Answered: Lost my birth control and had unprotected sex could i be pregnant?
I highley recommend you going to a pharmacy and asking for the morning after pill called Plan B. I do know the Wal-Mart pharmacy(at least in my area) dosen't carry it. It runs around $50 depending on the pharmacy you choose it may be slightly higher or lower in price. You diden't specify when you started your period but in most cases ovulation occurs around 12-16 days counting from the first day your most recent period started. This is not always the case; espically if your periods are not regular or in cases where you ovulate early or late(most typically occurs when your periods are not regular) The 3 pills you have took are almost pointless. I missed 2 pills and became pregnant with my son. Plan B is only effective if taken within the first 72 HOURS after unprotected sex. The sooner you take it the better your chances of preventing a pregnancy. Also if the sperm has already fertilized your egg the pill won't work. This is why you need to get to a pharmacy ASAP. In the US you need to be at least 17 to purchase it. If your younger than this your going to have to get an adult to purchase it for you. If taken correctly and within the time frame it is 89% effective in preventing a pregnancy. I do recommend keeping up with your birth control pills and using condoms in addition to birth control pills. No method id 100% effective but by combining methods you do greatley increase your chances of preventing an unwanted pregnancy. Good Luck to you, and get to the pharmacy!~

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