How would you feel if your child was sick at school due to an illness, but the school nurse kept her in school?

How would you feel if your child was sick at school due to an illness, but the school nurse kept her in school? Topic: Fake school papers
July 20, 2019 / By Antonette
Question: I am a single mom. So I would like another opinion on this, other than my own. My 5th grader has stomach issues. She sees a specialist for it, and is on medication. The school is aware of her problem. Today she came home from school doubled up in pain. She said she went to the school nurse. And layed down for a while. Then the school nurse told her to go back to her classroom after a while. My daughter told her she was still in pain. But said the nurse ( politely mind you) still insisted she return to class. My daughter said by the time she arrived back to class, she was in MORE pain. She told her teacher, who explained to her school would end soon. And that she should try and tough it out. As the buses would be coming in an 1 hour, and 45 minutes. My daughter said it seemed like forever for the day to end. And she was in so much pain. This is the second time this has happened. Where the school nurse not only sent her back to class after my daughter told her she was still in pain, but did not call me. In all fairness to the school, my daughter HAS missed a total of 10 days so far, due to her illness. But her doctor provided a note explaining her condition, and that she is on medication, so that we are not breaking any laws with attendance. I don't know guys. Part of me I feels like maybe I am overeacting. Seeing as she is MY baby. And I want her to be comfortable. But another part of me, feels like maybe I should have been called. I just would like input from other parents. Please tell me your thoughts. Perhaps the nurse knows better than I do. To keep her in school. Or not to call me. And YES! I would have gone in to pick her up. I just have a problem with it when she told me she could not concentrate in her math class, because she was in sooo much pain. Please tell me your thoughts. I am open to hearing I may be too worried. But also open to hearing from those of you who also feel perhaps she should have been sent home. THANK YOU in advance ! okay zorro. this is WAY too much information. but I will do it for YOU! NO! she is NOT faking it. In fact. She was so sick 2 weeks ago for this illness, she was in the hospital for 3 days! She sees a gastrointestinal specialist. That's all you need to know.
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Zack Zack | 9 days ago
My daughter gets severe migraines. If you know anything about a migraine you have to be in a quiet dark room, she has doctors permission to come home when she gets one and the school still refuses to send her home. Schools take it upon themselves to be the parent and I feel that is wrong. here our school board will not listen and neither will the superintendent so I finally went to the paper. An attorney saw the article and called me and said if they know of the medical problem they are supposed to send the child home. Ever since he called them they have sent her home when she gets one. Schools too often think every child is a "faker". What if something worse did happen to your child? I would let them know what they did was wrong. Be nice but stern with them and let them know she needs to come home when she gets like that. Sounds like she needs to see her doctor again too about different meds. Although they may have her on all they can at that age. My daughter cannot take certain things because of her age so we have to tuff it out until then. You are not overreacting. You need to talk with them.
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Zack Originally Answered: I feel sick but I have been missing too much school?
Your lucky you get to miss school, My parents think missing more than 1 day is terrible :( and I just go sick and If you can I advise staying home and doing homework and get a friend to bring home some work also research the states so when you get the test you can know more... Also try getting sleep as hard as it is... From experience Id say that you should not go if you dont have to because it will be hard to work and you will be very miserable! Good luck :D

Shimei Shimei
I have a couple thoughts so hope you don't get mad. Is there anyway she can take pain medication at school for pain when needed? I know the school nurse can administer medication if authorized by a doctor. What do you do for the pain when she is home? Try providing the school with whatever it is you do. Sorry don't know what she has so just throwing out some ideas. 10 days is a lot of days to be missing. If she has no pain medications she can take as needed, maybe getting in contact again with her doctor might be in order. The more days she misses the more she will fall behind, and possibly get held back. I also feel you should have been notified of her being ill. Even if it was to say "Miss. X we have Child B in with the school nurse because her stomach is bothering her. If she is not feeling better in idk an hour we would like for you to come and pick her up"
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Obed-Edom Obed-Edom
I am not a mom but you are NOT being overprotective. It's better for her to be home and comfortable and to makeup missed work later than be in tons of pain and not able to do her work or learn anything. I mean it's not like she's never going to make up the lost work, or like she's faking it to get out of class. School nurses are generally not the best- they don't have a doctoret (spelling?) degree or go through the same training as doctors or nurses from a doctors office or hospital so I can guarantee she doesn't know more than you. Your her mother and know her better than anyone, especially a school nurse. If this were my child I would definitely talk to the principal about this. If it happens again after that, the board of edcation. If it happens again after that, sue them for all they're worth and have your daughter switch schools if possible. It's not right to make a child in that much pain stay in school, it's completely pointless, she's going to be too busy worrying about the pain to learn anything. I once broke a toe in gym class-last year. I was crying (I NEVER cry) and it hurt really bad so I went to te nurse. She told it was jammed, gae me ibuprofen and made me go back to gym. I'm really athletic and aggressive so I jam toes and fingers all the time, and I knew I didn't. Proves school nurses aren't the best.
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Langford Langford
NO you are definitely not over-reacting. If my child was doubled up in pain i would want her to be sent home. If she cant concentrate on her lessons because of the pain she is better off at home where she has her mum to look after her and she is more comfortable in bed or on the sofa instead of sitting at a desk. I completely agree you should have had a phone call and she should have been sent home. I hope she feels better soon xx
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Issachar Issachar
yes i think you should have been notified. and dr. kia... god i pray that your not a real doctor if that's the way you are speaking of doctors! and aren't you aware that the school gets paid more for every child that attends school? why do you think they have all these "attendance awards"?? and i also find it funny how they can send a child home for discipline reasons, but not when they think a child is "faking" being sick. them leaving it in the schools discretion on when to send a child home is wrong! and i really think you should speak up on this issue. because chances are, your daughter isn't the only one it's happening to, and someone needs to speak upon it before things get worse.
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Ferdinand Ferdinand
You are not overreacting.That is BS. If your child is in pain, she should NOT be sent back to class.They want to complain that she has missed classes, yet how the hell is she suppose to learn if she is in pain??? she has a medical condition.A doctor can vouch for that. I would throw a fit with the school principal and nurse.I will tell them that if my kid is to ever be in pain and needs to go home, then let her come home or I am pulling her out of a school that will not take her medical condition seriously.They should have at least called you for you to make a judgement call. People...just because she takes medication for her issues, DOESN'T mean it cures her issue.Especially if its a gastrointestinal issue which could be set off by anything.get a clue.
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Dale Dale
Did your daughter die? I didn't think so. I know it sounds harsh, but if she's on medication, why is she still in so much pain? She may need to tough some of it out. The doctor can give permission to school to distribute pain medication to your daughter. I'd look into that. Kids who have illnesses that keep them from school, suffer both academically and socially, so keeping her in school as much as possible, is in her best interest, so long as its not making her condition worse. Frankly, I tend to lead towards agreeing with the first answerer, sometimes we as parents are not willing to accept when our kids could be pushing our buttons. Even if she is being treated by a doctor, you need to remember, a doctor is being paid everytime you pay him a visit. That school nurse isn't. I've seen doctors milk patients for all their worth because the patient or caretaker of the patient refuses to accept that the condition is not treatable or diagnosable due to and exaggeration of symptoms or flat out faking.
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Aulay Aulay
I read it. Typed an answer and erased it. Typed another and erased it again. Sorry the only thing that is reasonable is that she sometimes fakes it, and the school is on to her and you are not.
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Aulay Originally Answered: Should I tell people at school about my illness?
Yes, you need to write your essay. I can almost guarantee it will (in the long run) make things better. I have hemophilia and several other bleeding disorders that have led to me missing school in high school for complications such as mini strokes. I was having trouble with a group of girls making up rumors about me when I missed school and shoving me/hitting me when they got the chance. I may sound like a "loser" but I actually wasnt. I graduated in the top ten of my class, went on to study pre-med, I was successful, and overall, I was fairly well liked with the exception of certain groups of underclassmen girls. The girls would hit me, which would cause bruising and even more complications. One day I went to the principal, who told one of the girls about my condition in the hopes it would stop them from hitting me. They knew that it was the thing I was most self conscious about. I, also a virgin, had to go on birth control to raise my clotting factors. The girl knew I was self conscious of the disorder, so she used it as a way to bully me around. Eventually, one day in math class, she told the whole class I had a bleeding disorder, and spiced up the story a little bit by adding in fake details about how gross the disease was. I am very educated on my bleeding disorders and knew everything she said was false. I left class to go cry in the bathroom. And then I realized what this group of girls had done. They used it because they knew it was sensitive for me. I then came back into class the next day and explained my condition to everyone. I did several projects on it throughout my senior year to educate others on my condition. I realized that my disorder was nothing to be ashamed of. Just because I was born with genetic blood deficiencies, doesn't mean that I was worthless. I never let them keep me from anything before, when I had to stop sports, I became involved in music, acting, and firefighting/EMS. The day I gave my first speech, I was terrified. I had started out as if it was just an informative speech. Then someone asked what made me interested in such an odd topic. I told the group my story. It changed everything. People accepted me for who I was and stopped feeding into the rumors. The bullying ended. People didn't pity me, but they understood me. I told the story the way I have looked at it. I turned that negative into a positive. Although I couldn't play sports, I had so many undiscovered talents. Although I was constantly monitoring myself and educating myself, I realized that I loved studying hematology and I now plan to become a pediatric hematologist. Trust me, writing this essay can help. Explain that it has changed the way people look at you and that you are alienated. Explain that this isn't something you want, but it is something you have to learn to live with. Explain how you have made it your goal to educate people on your condition. It worked for me, and since that speech, I haven't hesitated to tell a soul about my disease. Good luck and remember, your condition is nothing to be ashamed about, turn it into a positive!!

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