CAn any1 write poetry?

CAn any1 write poetry? Topic: How to write a free verse poems for kids
June 19, 2019 / By Edwena
Question: can any1 write me a free verse poem or a quadrant(a poem with 4 lines tht may or may not rhyme)? tht woould be great!!
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Charlene Charlene | 2 days ago
Touch Touch is a simple way to communicate. Feeling is worth more than what words can't say. Touch releases the pressure of the day. And replaces the worries for "it's gonna be okay". Touch is the medicine that heals the heart. And is what hearts long for when they are far apart. Touch can give hope, give courage and provide a way. And as we travel miles in the wrong direction, we can touch and provide CHANGE. OR Fallacy It can be, definitely, I'm sure it's not love. Cause a friend told me, that a friend told her this ain't what its made of. Now I hold my own, I can stand alone, I am not a fool. But the way you do, those things you do, just makes me sweet on you. Now I'm a big girl, yea I'm no kid, and I know how to stay on task. But you just find, your way into my mind, at work, at church and in class. Yea I know it's lame, these games I play, but I just need for you to see. That I refuse, I won't fall in love in, until I know you're in love with me. OR The Evolution When you were just a stranger I was ignorant of your importance to me and it was trivial to me. When you became an acquaintance I noticed your values and they fascinated me. When you grew to be an associate I was subjected to your radiance and it amazed me. Now that you have become a companion I am engulfed with your nurturing and it is vital to me.
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Charlene Originally Answered: Is poetry dead? Do people not have time to stop and think and ponder? Are we too lazy to read or write poetry?
Well, not exactly dead, but not too healthy either, and I'm afraid this site gives a rather false impression of it's popularity. Let's face it, poetry for young people has a lot more competition now than in the pre-electronic games era! It seems to me that school often introduces children too early to heavy, difficult poetry (and literature) , putting them off for life. How many students who hated boring lessons on Shakespeare were suddenly turned on to reading by JK Rowling. The answer is millions !! And many will have diversified into other authors, and hopefully some to the voluntary reading of poetry! Some may even return to Shakespeare ! How many friends, other than on this site, read or write poetry for pleasure? Very few, I suspect ; but not through laziness, more a lack of awareness of what they are missing. The Harry Potter phenomenon should have taught schools a lesson, and it would be comforting to think that a more exciting approach to literature in general, and poetry in particular, may be introduced. Meanwhile we just try and do our bit, by gently spreading the words !!
Charlene Originally Answered: Is poetry dead? Do people not have time to stop and think and ponder? Are we too lazy to read or write poetry?
In my learned opinion the people of the modern age have lost the respect and power of poetry. Unknowingly selling themselves to a bleak future veiled in vain promises of spiritual freedom. When in fact the whole human species grows more inane with its ignorance and self absorption. People need to take stock in what truly matters and express that through the words penned.

Ariadne Ariadne
ok...this is the deal. Your "haiku" is beat perfect, yet you neglected the form...it is extra desirable than basically 5-7-5. no count in case you do formal eastern haiku (season words, and so on.), the 1st 2 strains are meant to set the photograph, the final line is a parallel or turn...and in Haiku, the strains do no longer rhyme. frequently i might grant some advice on the thank you to maximum impressive your poem, yet for this reason, i can't...the rhymes preclude me from even making minor changes. Your concept became ok, yet you are able to desire to start over. This time do no longer attempt to rhyme and save the 1st 2 strains related, on an analogous time as the final line turns or runs parallel. Like this: Why might desire to I continually Cry myself to sleep lifeless eyes understand no tears Do you spot how the final line (whether grim, no grimmer than your unique) isn't probable component of the 1st 2, yet runs a parallel concept to them? a end or synopsis to them? now you attempt :) save writing
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Zalmon Zalmon
yes anyone can write poetry! As long as you have a thought in your head and a spark inside of you poetry can be anything you want. whether it rhymes or not, its yours and that is what makes poetry poetry...its yours
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