I know it's last minute. but any ideas on valentines day gift?

I know it's last minute. but any ideas on valentines day gift? Topic: Write a simple cover letter
June 26, 2019 / By Astrophel
Question: I got my boyfriend a card. (he's 23 and I'm 21) I'm not sure what else to get him. I don't waant to spend a whole lot of money. Just want it to be sweet and simple. Any ideas?
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Best Answers: I know it's last minute. but any ideas on valentines day gift?

Veronica Veronica | 9 days ago
You can get your partner a couple ring with both your names engraved on it. Or something like a keychain that you both can have which can let your partner been constantly reminded of you. the weather is right, have a picnic under the stars and tell her cute stuff all night and be really romantic. well, get him/her lol a box of chocolate, classic. u could take them to a dinner, maybe a movie,or u could cook at home and snuggle up on the coach wit a good movie. (DON'T FORGET TO SAY,"I ♥U!") Fill his/ her whole bedroom closet, garage, coat closet, car, drawer, bathroom cabinet, linen closet, etc. with balloons. Candle light dinner in a nice posh restaurant, dress elegant. Roses, chocolates as a gift too. dont wanna be rude but how about you cover your bed with rose petals, and wear something smashing. and rent a movie perhaps. And do what pleases your partner. you could pretend that valentines isnt big deal and you are not going to do anything. And voila surprise Well, you can give your partner a nice notebook that has pictures of you two and the places that you have been. Put comments next to it like "I was havin the time of my life laughing with you" "I love the way your eyes twinkle when you smile" how about you write a letter? Write all about how much you love. Or how about give it to him in a bottle, wine bottle will do!, to keep the tradition alive Or or or You could go to a church!!!
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Veronica Originally Answered: Last minute valentines gift for family?
i think you should just make a card for them. they will love it. its the work that goes into it is what i always say. trust me why spend money when when you can make a gift.

Serena Serena
does he collect anything?? how bout a new t-shirt (guys always like new clothes) ...make him a special candlelite dinner, don't worry too much tho, guys aern't as IN to valentines day as girls are, of course girls expect something for vday, guys would literally be fine with just a sweet card and an "i Love you" good luck and Happy Valentines day :)
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Olyvia Olyvia
SEX... is cheap, easy and they always appreciate sex, you could be on a store 24 hours and when you give them the gift is like blah... but is never like that with sex.
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Olyvia Originally Answered: Funny/Creative Valentines Day cards ideas?
I love the idea that you did last year :) Maybe you could get some paper, put tea, coffee, grease stains on it. On the front write I Hope You Like This Card, and on the inside I Found It In The Dumpster. or (Credits to some dude on tumblr) Put a whale on the front of a card and inside write Whale You Be My Valentine? Hehe, have a great Valentine's Day and hope this helped :)

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