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June 16, 2019 / By Camden
Question: next year im going to high school. and with only 7 weeks away until schools out for good it got me thinking about high school so.my question is ive never skipped classes before is it easy? ive never had a locker either with combinations and crap like that how is that? and for the first day of school on tv the seniors knock down the freshmens and put them in trash cans is that true?
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Algar Algar | 6 days ago
It might be easy to skip class, but that doesn't mean its benficial. I never skipped in high school (college is another story). Really, you never know what you're missing if you let someone convince you to skip class. Depending on how easy it is for you to memorize numbers, you should get the hang of the locker thing. Just write the combo down in your planner or something until you get it memorized. Most schools have an orientation day for freshmen to meet teachers, get a lay of the land, and practice opening your lock. Look into this. Also, seniors picking on freshmen doesn't really happen as often as it appears. Just walk with your head high and act like you know what you're doing and where you're going and they won't mess with you.
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No, it would be lower cased - so high school. It would be capitalized if it was part of a school's name. Like Riverdale High School or something like that. Not when in just normal basic use.

Tamsyn Tamsyn
I suppose each school is different, but at my school its pretty difficult to skip, and teachers are pretty strict about it. I wouldn't though, cuz you're only hurting yourself in the long run. As for locker coms, they're not bad, I never had one before high school but they weren't hard. If you have trouble remembering numbers try writing your com somewhere where you can find it (the inside of your shoe works well :P) Seniors can be intimidating, but for the most part they're just kids. The best advice I can give you (this is coming from a current senior) is don't be snotty, or think you are cooler than the seniors, at least not at first. My friends and I hate when freshmen come in and threaten us....not cool. If you just act normal and friendly (but not overly friendly) chances are that you'll be alright. Enjoy high school, its a blast if you get involved.
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Richelle Richelle
Lol it depends on what school you go to. But for the most part highschool is chill. I think the seniors knocking the freshmans over and crap only happens in movies ive never seeen it seriously happen. I skip class when i know i have straight A's anyways. Umm the lockers.....haha nobody really uses them, everyone just takes their stuff with them unless you have like 23423 textbooks. But yeah good luck and graduate, senior year is way fun.
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Minnie Minnie
i rolled a fresmen down a hill in a trashcan. JK....its nothing like that. People are nice and as long as you aren't an annoying freshmen then dont worry. Uhmm...dont skip classes because high school actually counts for college and if you do it really screws you over. And the teachers in high school won't care if you are there or not so they wont tell you what you missed, help you make it up, etc.
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Lilita Lilita
Why would u want to skip class? At my school, it isn't easy. 4 locker comb. just remeber to write it down and keep it safe. And about seniors, it depends on the school, some seniors are like that, but otheres aren't.
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Lilita Originally Answered: First Day of School outfit and High School Stories?
Hmmm. High School. All i know is that im excited to get out. Haha. As far as stories go, I have a lot. People look at you weird if you don't wear what everyone else wear, but don't let that stop you. People will like you for being yourself. The whole "stuffed in trashcan" in false. I have never heard of that happening, especially to girls, so don't worry about bullies. Overall, have fun =] And its good that you care about the way you look AND have good grades. I'm the same way. Good Luck.

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