What does it mean to have an unusual pen grip?

What does it mean to have an unusual pen grip? Topic: Writing skills middle school students
June 16, 2019 / By Dianne
Question: Throughout all my school years, I was the only one in my classes that holds a pen differently. It's hard to explain, I hold it between my index and middle finger and the thumb just rests against the structure of the pen/pencil. If I hold it like other people, I cannot write straight, my hand shakes and it just feels uncomfortable. (I used to always get picked on for this, even the teachers would look at me surprised). I'm also ambidextrous too, sometimes when I'm drawing, I will switch hands without even thinking and sometimes draw things using both hands without thinking.
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Carey Carey | 7 days ago
It just means when you were learning to write, you learned holding your pencil differently than the other students. In a meeting, the occupational therapist (work to improve fine motor skills, including handwriting) had all of the teachers hold a pencil like they were about to write and then walked around looking at everyone's grip. I can't remember what she specifically said, but I remember her telling me my grip was different than usual and that it wasn't a big deal. If you can write well holding your pencil the way you do, don't worry about it. And my friend who is ambidextrous says that being ambidextrous means you use more of your brain than other people. :)
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