Facebook Group Problem all help appreciated?

Facebook Group Problem all help appreciated? Topic: How to write a report facebook
June 20, 2019 / By Bas
Question: Someone made a facebook group about me saying im the sex, i have reported it and tried to delete it due to my parents seeing it, the group wont delete and if it doesnt delete i am in a lot of trouble any help anyone?
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Ziba Ziba | 9 days ago
Hello Louisa: I'm sorry to hear about the unflattering Facebook group created about you. You have reported it to Facebook, right? If so--you must keep at them, because unless you're the creator of the group, you cannot delete it. Do you know who might have created the site? How can I say this diplomatically... Do you have any enemies at school? I ask this, because if you have a good suspicion on who might have created this website, getting the school involved might add leverage to have it removed. Unfortunately--the flip-side of this is that if the school gets involved, so might your parents. If you don't want to get your parents involved; your only recourse is to keep writing to Facebook and let them no, in no uncertain terms that this group: - Violates Facebook's community standards - Is defamatory and damaging your reputation - Is libelous and/or slanderous (this is very important) Unfortunately--without gettinng your school and or parents involved, that's about all you can do as a juvenile (I'm guessing you are under 18). Again--keep bugging Facebook, and good luck.
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