What are the best Algebra I and Geometry Text Books?

What are the best Algebra I and Geometry Text Books? Topic: About book review writing guide
July 18, 2019 / By Laurinda
Question: This year I will be homeschooling my sons in Algebra I and Geometry. Can anyone recommend a good textbook for each subject? Math is not my best subject so I need texts that are well organized, provide good explainations and lots of exercises. I will be providing supplemental materials with workbooks and Internet downloads, but I would like a solid textbook for each subject to serve as my course guide.
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Joandra Joandra | 3 days ago
I have heard excellent things about Teaching Textbooks, but I have no experience with them. From what I understand, they are self-teaching guides (no parent assistance needed). I know Cathy Duffy writes glowing reviews of the curriculum on her webpage (she found them after her book went to print).
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Joandra Originally Answered: I took algebra I, II, and geometry in highschool. I just took college algebra this sem. ready for calculus?
definitely, if you plan on taking a calc class of ANY kind (which you should!), you NEED some sort of pre-calc class. The trig as well as understanding functions more is ESSENTIAL, and you WILL struggle greatly in calc if you don't take some sort of trig or precalc class. EDIT: Something to add: If you're going into business, you'll hardly need trig, but you'll heavily need calc, and sadly a CLASS in calculus will always involve trig. So even though it won't help your career to have experience in trig, it's the only way to get the experience that you actually DO need for business. EDIT: @greg higgins, don't forget without learning what cosecant is, the derivative of cosecant means nothing. Even though trig is useless for a business major, you will NOT survive calculus without a solid understanding of trig. Getting a solid grade in Calc I should be your goal, and you won't do that without a trig/pre calc class. And I've "survived" through calc 4 and beyond!!

Freida Freida
Library could have quite some books. i prefer to propose getting 2 or 3 books of each and every algebra and geometry. some authors tend to pass away out some minor theories that they do in comparison to.
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Darnell Darnell
Saxon Math with the teachers book gives gives great explantations. Teaching textbooks are great for self teaching.
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Breda Breda
My son is currently using Teaching Textbooks' Algebra I - it's GREAT! http://www.teachingtextbooks.com Every problem in the book is worked out with a tutor on the CD-roms. The whole program is like having a Harvard tutor teach your child math.
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Alex Alex
Personally I will recommend Saxon for Algebra, and for Advanced Mathematics's. Saxon also has DIVE CDrom's with it that explain each lesson on the computer, you can get them at http://www.diveintomath.com/ Jacobs for Geometry; it is very good.. http://www.woodburyschool.com/catalog/in... If they still have trouble with any of the concepts, and need more practice look for the Key books from Key Curriculum Press. http://www.keypress.com/x6469.xml
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1.) you add the 10 and 3 --> 13 times square root of 7 2.) distribute square root of 7 into each term in parenthesis --> 4 times square root of 7 minus 7 (since square root of 7 times square root of 7 equals 7) 3.) square root of 9/7 is the same as square root of 9 divided by square root of 7... square root of 9 is 3, so you have 3 divided by square root of 7. You don't want a radical as a deniminator, so you multiply both numerator and denominator by square root of 7. The bottom cancels out, leaving you with 7 (check #2) while as a numerator you now have 3 times square root of 7. final answer --> 3 times square root of 7, all divided by 7. :)

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